Eye candy: Maxon’s IBC 2020 Cinema 4D demo reel
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A feast for the eyes: Maxon's IBC 2020 Cinema 4D demo role

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

In connection with the release of Cinema 4D R23, Maxon has released its IBC 2020 demo reel which shows the latest work created using the 3D animation and motion design software.

It's a surreal, colorful two minute journey, from movie effects to motion graphics, and created by companies of all sizes, from large studios like The Mill to individual 3D artists.

An explosion of colorful motion graphics and animations
Of all the showreels by the great software developers, Maxons is reliably the most visually diverse, if only because it offers so much experimental and short work.

Aside from Cantina Creative's UI designs and Imaginary Forces title sequences, there isn't a lot of movies or episodic show content to see: more motion graphics, commercials, and shorts.

Featured studios include Cinema 4D stalwarts like Aixsponza, The Mill, and Tendril, as well as smaller companies like Dazzle Ship and the brilliantly named Already Been Chewed.

But as the individual designers on the roll prove, you don't need a team to do a great job.

Our personal highlights included Jessica Herrera's appealingly simplified characters, Szu-Yu Hous's stylized creature designs and Peter Tomaszewicz & # 39; surreal amalgamations of everyday objects.

Read case studies from other Cinema 4D users on Maxon's blog

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