Eye candy: SideFX’s 2020 Houdini Film & TV Reel
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Eye candy: SideFXs 2020 Houdini Film & TV Reel

Tuesday, July 28, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

SideFX has released its 2020 Houdini Film & TV role, an annual roundup of the best new visual effects and animation projects created with the software.

Below we have selected some of our personal highlights from the three-minute show reel. Links to making-of videos show how the effects were created.

The best current movies, animated features, commercials and motion graphics created with Houdini
Although the block features western blockbusters – the largest of which is Frozen 2 – it is arguably the best breakdown for a Russian film, the science fiction action film Invasion.

Here you can see a VFX breakdown of Main Road Post's amazing fluid and destruction simulations.

One of the biggest Chinese-language films of the past year, The Wandering Earth, also includes a Pixomondo effects breakdown and VFX breakdown for the Roland Emmerich thriller Midway.

One of the highlights of broadcasting is the DNEG's effects for Chernobyl, which won the Emmy Prize. The studio has quite a few breakdown videos on its Vimeo channel, but this is a good introduction.

The role also features HBO's recent adaptation of Watchmen, particularly the surreal "Squid Rain" sequences found in the VFX breakdown of his work on the Hybrid Technologies show.

Of the commercials, two are the best photo-realistic CG birds: in the case of Alt.vfx & # 39; astonishing ad for 2019 for the Toyota Corolla, a robin gets a free shower in a car wash.

Here you can see a VFX breakdown of Framestore's "Hummmingbird" spot for Purdeys Energy Drinks.

Braies Universal Production Partners also delivers two commercials with nice breakdowns: this shows the crowd simulation for Vodafone Egypt and this one for Columbia outdoor clothing.

Other highlights include Panoply's impressive motion graphics and Cantina Creative's movie UI designs. Both studios have nice tech roles on their respective Vimeo channels.

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