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KeenTools was launched as a set of Nuke plugins (GeoTracker, FaceTracker, FaceBuilder, PinTool and ReadRiggedGeo) and has now expanded to the leading open source software for 3D animation and visual effects Blender. Check out detailed interview by KeenTools with Roman Belov, KeenTools team leader and founder.

Learn more about the new features of KeenTools 2.0.0.

What is KeenTools?

KeenTools started in 2017 with the GeoTracker plugin for Nuke foundryProviding simple and effective property tracking. We focused on one task and made it as good as possible, and the community loved it. The same ideas developed for the following KeenTools products for Nuke, such as: B. FaceBuilder and FaceTracker plugins that allow you to create a face model based on some photos and then track it without any special tracking software and tracking skills.

Today, after a few months of open beta that have brought us an overwhelming amount of useful feedback from the lovely Blender community, we're releasing ours FaceBuilder for Blender. This means that not only will the beta badge be removed, but some useful features will also be available, one of which is also available for the Nuke version – facial expression support.

FaceBuilder Features:

Face builders for mixers

Previously, FaceBuilder needed photos with a neutral face, which obviously restricted its applicability. With this release, we're removing this limitation so that, for example, you can use the same footage to build and track that model, even if there's no frame with a neutral expression. Of course it is important to know that it is (still ?;)) not perfect and the results are not as precise as with the photos with a neutral expression, but it is certainly much better than fitting a neutral model to a smiling face.

What about our first stable release for Blender? We just can't find words to describe how pleased and grateful we are for the welcome the Blender community has given us. The feedback, all reports and questions were invaluable, please keep it up! In this new version you will find support for facial expressions, photo rotation and many other improvements. It's also worth noting that if you keep the topology, the model created in Blender is fully compatible with FaceTracker in Nuke.

KeenTools Price:

Here are a few words about licensing: We made it easy: If you have a license for FaceBuilder, you have it for Blender and Nuke and you only need to install it once. Prices? The same:

    • $ 149 for a personal one (yes, you can use it for commercial work)
    • $ 299 for a commercial license
    • $ 399 for a floating

Keentools work from home under license

KeenTools download links:

We have expanded our trial versions for all KeenTools plugins. So everyone can download our new one 2.0.1 Package for Nuke and the add-on for Blender Get 30 more test days, even if you've spent all of your test days before. Our tests are fully functional so they can continue working on projects at home while their studios build the necessary remote infrastructure.

Check out the graphical representation of the new features of Nuke and Blender's Keentools 2.0.0.

Keentools for Nuke and Mixer


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