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From the AKA studio in London: “Paper Box is a fascinating object that was designed by the Graphic Thought Facility agency for Fedrigoni. It is a box that contains the entire paper collection of the historic Italian papermaker.

“Studio aka was hired to both communicate and promote the role of The Box and its content. The resulting film unwraps the box. Each of the three volumes is expanded to reveal endless tone, texture, color, and sound.

“David Pape's sound design uses sound recordings of the object itself to create a percussive score that feels authentic and playful.

Director Kristian Andrews: “GTF did a fantastic job creating something simple but fun and inviting. Making this movie was a joy because it was about playing with a desirable object and exploring it on behalf of the viewer. "

Client: Fedrigoni

Agency: Graphic Thought Facility

Production: Studio AKA
Director: Kristian Andrews

Music / Sound Design: David Pape


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