FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 HDMI Video Switcher Launched
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FEELWORLD, a Chinese company specializing in affordable camera monitors, recently launched its first video switcher / switcher: the FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1. This switch has four HDMI inputs, an HDMI program output, a 3.5 mm microphone input, a headphone output, a LAN connection for controlling the device and a USB 3.0 connection for live streaming applications. Let's take a closer look!

Due to restrictions around the world, we can say that 2020 was the year of live streaming. While some parts of the world are slowly getting better, live events and product announcements over the Internet remain as Canon and Blackmagic Design have already done.

On a different scale, most of us as filmmakers have probably already received requests to organize, shoot, live stream events in the past few months. This is nice as business is slowly returning to normal, but a live video switcher / mixer wasn't our top buy and most of us didn't have one. Fortunately, cheaper and cheaper products like the FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 are coming onto the market to help us find jobs while staying on budget.

FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 – input and output connectors

The FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 is a compact live video switcher / mixer with a size of -185 x 110 x 39 mm and a weight of 648 g.

  • Four HDMI 1.3 input ports and one HDMI output port that support resolutions up to 1080p60.

The LIVEPRO L1 rear and side panels. Credit: FEELWORLD

  • One 3.5mm microphone input and one 3.5mm headphone output.
  • A USB 3.0 output connects to your computer, which recognizes it as a webcam. So you can stream your output feed directly to social media or record it in 1080p60 resolution.
  • A LAN connection through which you can control and set up the FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1.
  • A 1/4 "-20 mounting point on the right side of the device so you can mount it on a tripod / magic arm, for example.

As you can see, all the connectors you need for live streaming applications are there. According to FEELWORLD, the LIVEPRO L1 is "compatible with OBS, AMCap, ECap, Potplayer, Tencent Conference, Yealink, Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, Tik Tok and more".

Front panel and controls

As soon as you connect the 12 V / 1.5 A power supply unit to the back of the FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1, the integrated 2-inch TFT display starts. This small display allows you to preview all the camera feeds which is very convenient.


The front panel is easy to understand and there are few buttons:

  • Four labeled buttons to switch between your input sources.
  • A volume control on the left to adjust the gain of the program output.
  • An effect button next to it, so you can choose between 14 transitions and 9 picture-in-picture (PiP) settings.
  • A setup button and clickable rotary knob to customize your settings.
  • Finally, there is a T-bar that allows you to switch between two sources. There is a small LED on each side of the T-Bar to let you know which one is on the air.

FEELWORLD also mentions that you can control the LIVEPRO L1 via your smartphone and an app, but we couldn't find any more information about it.

Price and availability

The FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1 is available now for $ 299.00. In direct comparison, it's the same price as the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini, which has similar features but no built-in screen.

For more information, please visit the FEELWORLD website here.

What do you think of the FEELWORLD LIVEPRO L1? Which live video switcher / mixer are you using? Have you already received live streaming requests from your customers? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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