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Marcelo Petrella and Vincent Wauters, Partners at Fellow in Los Angeles: “Our friends at Callaway Golf were thrilled to be promoting their new range of golf clubs, Big Bertha 21, designed to address the problem with an average golf swing.

“Under normal circumstances that would mean rounding up our crew and doing a shoot on the golf course. However, that's 2020, and filming on location in May was next to impossible.

“Taco Truck Creative approached us with the idea of ​​telling this story with animation. The tricky part is that we had to accurately illustrate the golf swing so that the viewer could call them a real golfer.

“We wanted to record live action records so we could keep the silhouettes and movements 100% authentic. We suggested a skeleton crew shoot in Fellow & # 39; s parking lot and got the green light.

“A week after shooting, we had an approved edit and then work began. The last point is the same editing that will be carefully illustrated picture by picture over the next few weeks. "

Watch the process videos:

Client: Callaway Golf

Agency: Taco Truck Creative

Production: Fellow
Director / partner: Marcelo Petrella
Creative Director / Partner: Vincent Wauters
Executive Producer: Whitney Fromholtz
Emma Adkins • Production Assistant
Producer: Joseph Sotullo
Cinematographer: Pat Notaro
1st AC: Jefferson Henson
Key handle: Josh Linkey
BB Grip: Miguel Benavides
Production Assistant: Robin Spears
Designer: Vincent Wauters, Andre Fiorini
Cell animator: Taik Lee, Song E Kim, Imma Almourzaeva
CG management: Michael Conrad
CG Animator: Tim Salikov
Model makers: David Namkoong, Michael DuPree


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