Brian Newman, whose sub-genre newsletter I highly recommend, comes from these three surveys on the independent film and festival worlds in the age of COVID-19. The three organizing parties – sub-genre, Film Festival Alliance and iGEMStv, a curation / recommendation platform for film and television – promise to summarize the results to help the industry find a way forward in the current pandemic.

One way to solve the problems is to collect data and build better systems from it. To that end, because COVID has such a huge impact on the independent film landscape, from film festivals to theater to online streaming platforms, we had to question the players, collect feedback, do a thorough analysis and create a white paper report to go far and spread widely. We hope that this report covers the basics, answers many of the questions, gives insights into current festivals, and helps the industry adjust.

I teamed up with The Film Festival Alliance and iGEMStv to create three surveys – one for filmmakers, one for festivals, and one for distributors (we may do other surveys for different sectors next).

Please help us by completing this short film festival survey
or this short filmmaker poll
or this short dealer survey

Each survey should only take five minutes. We kindly ask you to take part by Friday, August 7th. Once the report is complete, you will receive a copy of the report.


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