FilmConvert Profile for Sony a7S III Released
Filmconvert Sony A7s Iii.jpg

FilmConvert announced that it has added its picture profile for the Sony a7S III. Filmmakers can now rate the a7S III footage with FilmConvert Nitrate and achieve the desired footage look with precise colors. In addition, there is currently an interesting Black Friday deal for FilmConvert Nitrate.

If you're new to it, FilmConvert is a helpful app (either standalone or in the form of a plugin for all popular NLEs) for simplified grading and footage look. FilmConvert Nitrate emulates real photochemical film material to achieve the desired film image. FilmConvert offers a variety of image profiles for popular cameras. The FilmConvert license gives users access to all currently available camera packages as well as new camera package updates for 12 months.

Sony a7S III FilmConvert profile added

Sony a7S III was announced in the summer of 2020 – five long years after its predecessor appeared. The camera is certainly one of the most popular mirrorless bodies of 2020. It records internally up to 4K UHD 120fps in 10-bit full sensors. It offers excellent low light performance with (unofficial) dual base ISO of 640 and 12800, IBIS and good autofocus. Last but not least, the camera can output a 16-bit RAW video signal through its full-size HDMI port. Make sure to check out our a7S III review and lab test to learn more about the camera.

Sony a7S III – Lowlight King. Image credit: CineD

The FilmConvert team announced that the profile for the Sony a7S III has been added to their library, so filmmakers can now use FilmConvert to rate footage from the camera. Why is that important, you ask? Only using a custom picture profile created specifically for the camera will ensure accurate colors.

FilmConvert Nitrate Black Friday

It's worth noting that there are nice Black Friday deals now, including FilmConvert Nitrate:

What do you think about FilmConvert Nitrate? Do you use it for your work? Are you filming with the new Sony a7S III? Let us know in the comments section below the article.


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