Filmmaker Returns to Print, Announces 2020 Subscription Sale
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Gaspar Noes highlight from the filmmaker's print edition.

I am very pleased to announce that the Filmmaker is going back to print for our fall issue, which will reach new and continuing subscribers in late October. The Filmmaker's Winter 2020 edition will be released in January to mark the IFP Gotham Awards.

Given the uncertainty surrounding the springtime coronavirus shutdowns and bookstore closings across the country, the filmmaker released its summer edition in a special, redesigned PDF format. Now, however, we're excited that with the support of our publisher IFP and our advertisers, we'll be back with a printed edition next month. The Fall 2020 Filmmaker Edition will also be our annual edition of 25 New Faces, and we are especially grateful that we are returning to printing for an edition that is always something of a collectible.

To mark the occasion, we've reduced our one-year printing subscriptions from $ 18 to just $ 10. Print subscriptions provide full digital access to our entire archive, which dates back to 2007. A digital subscription alone costs only $ 6.00. This sale ends on September 24th. (With a subscription you will now also get the latest PDF of the summer edition, a great edition and our biggest ever.)

Click here to subscribe to Filmmaker in print and here for digital at these discounted prices. Subscribing to our print edition is the greatest thing you can do to support all of our content. Thank you for your readership and support.

Until the next issue!


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