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Imagine that you are preparing for a project or class presentation and suddenly you realize that you need to convert your files to a certain format. You can't help but hope, right now, that you have the right tool on hand to solve your dilemma. Kiss those worries goodbye with this online tool. We will show you the simplest solution for many of your office and personal work.

PDFBear is one of the many easy-to-use online tools that can help you achieve your goal of converting your files to the format you want. This tool is perfect when you want to convert your files. It's simple to use and comes with easy-to-follow instructions. In addition, this tool allows you to further edit your files if you deem necessary. Here are a few ways this web-based tool can help you! Such SaaS tools (software as a service) are very famous today.

PDFBear: Online PDF Converter:

PDFBear offers several features that you will find useful in times of need. It is ideal for converting various files to PDF files. You can Convert Word to PDF. Even Excel, PPT, JPG and HTML files in a PDF format. Convert your PDF files to one of the appropriately named ones as well.

Another good thing about using this tool is that you don't have to download anything to access it. Since it is a web-based tool, it is available on your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. With a permanent internet connection it is always at hand. PDFBear is the best and free online PDF converter tool whether you need it for your class project, presentation or work related files.

How to convert your files with PDFBear:

You will be familiar with most of the tools you can find online. But with PDFBear, searching for instructions is not your problem. The site has individual easy-to-follow steps for each function it contains.

Converting your files is possible in a few simple steps.

  1. The first thing you need to do is choose the file you want to convert. For example, suppose you want to convert your Word document.
  2. You can select the appropriate file and then upload it to the online converter.
  3. PDFBear automatically detects the current format of your file.
  4. Then you can click Convert and wait for your file to finish.
  5. When the process is complete, download your file and save it in PDF format.

The following options are available for converting to PDF:

  • PDF converter
  • Word to PDF
  • Excel to PDF
  • PPT to PDF
  • JPG to PDF
  • HTML to PDF

The following options can be converted from PDF:

  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to PPT
  • PDF to JPG
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PDF / A.

Organize your files:

PDFBear not only converts your files, it can also help you organize them. One of the best features is that you can repair and rearrange your files in the correct order. The same online tool also allows you to easily split and extract pages from your PDF file to remove those that you think are unnecessary or that you need for any reason. You can also merge individual pages and organize them accordingly.

Such an amazing system helps with maintenance smooth pipeline for your company and your sales. You can organize according to your suppliers, upcoming projects, follow-up customers, etc.

The following options are available for organizing PDF:

  • Merge PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Delete PDF pages

Optimize your files:

In addition to organizing your files, you can optimize them by compressing them to reduce the size without compromising the quality of your PDF files. This online converter tool also provides file repair which can help you recover your damaged files and make them usable again.

After you've done what you need to with your files, you can view and edit them and make some changes as you wish. In addition, the online portal saves your files for an hour before the system automatically deletes them. This way, you don't leave any traces of your documents in the online tool. In addition to downloading your file, you can also share it with others directly. The technical team ensures the privacy and security of your files. This feature makes it the best and free online PDF converter.

The following options are available for optimizing PDF:

Why use PDFBear?

You can find dozens of tools online that offer you various functions to meet your needs. However, if you want to find a handy, multi-feature tool that will be very useful to you, PDFBear is the tool for you. Using this tool, navigation is easy and you can get to the format you want to convert your documents and files to. No need to worry about not knowing how to use it. When you click on a specific feature, simple step-by-step instructions are displayed.

The following options are available for viewing and editing PDF:

  • PDF reader
  • Share document
  • Number of pages
  • Add watermark
  • Rotate PDF
  • eSign PDF

The following options are available for PDF security:

Try PDFBear today and see how effective it is.


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