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LONDON – foundry, Developer of creative software for the media, entertainment and digital design industries, has announced the release of Flix 6.3. After releasing two main features in 2019 with Avid and Storyboard Pro, Flix's focus in 2020 will be on gradually improving speed and efficiency.

The new release highlights include:

  • Improved security: With HTTPS, there is an additional level of security for all communication between the end user and Flix Server, which can now be encrypted.
  • Import speed improvements: panels are created in bulk, the user interface is released faster, and rendering takes place in the background, reducing import times by more than half.
  • Improved workflow for Avid dialogues: With this new version of Flix, Avid users have access to the latest dialogues in a practical subtitle file that is available with every editorial submission. In this way you can follow the constantly changing dialogue between story and editorial.

"The focus of this release was on improving Flix based on all the feedback we've received from productions that have switched to Flix 6 in the past few months," said Brice Banel, Product Manager at Foundry. “Flix 6.3 offers more security for studios working with remote artists, as well as improved performance in terms of import speeds and avid round-tripping. This makes handling complex effects more reliable than ever before, without compromising quality. We look forward to further feedback from our passionate user base so that we can continue to make Flix the best story development tool for artists and producers. "

The full list of features for Flix 6.3 can be found here.

Source: Foundry


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