4 Basic Editing Hacks in Premiere Pro You Need to Know
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From creating your own keyboard shortcuts to amplifying audio, today we cover a few basic Premiere Pro editing hacks.

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1. Custom presets

The first hack I want to talk about is creating your own presets. Maybe you downloaded presets online, maybe they are sound effects, maybe they are color profiles, or just effects in general. You can easily create them in Premiere. I did this to speed up my workflow for multiple projects. Maybe you're making a video with a consistent theme like a Ken Burns effect where the camera always zooms. I also created four color effects.

So I have consistent colors that I really like in my videos that I have in my preferences and that I simply insert using drag and drop. And that not only matches color profiles, but also camera movement. So if I want to record this video called Bad Video, it is this edgy effect that I created. When you press the play button, the camera pans up and down creating some blur. This is similar to a bad video effect that I use in other videos on my personal YouTube page.

So how do you do that How do you do it It is really easy. Basically, Premiere Pro uses effects from the Effect Windows to create presets.

Go to the Effects window and enter Transform.

So what you want to do is go into that Effects Panel and enter Transform. This will help you with animated camera effects. Take the transformation from below Distort, then Drag and drop it in your video effect.

Let's say we just want to do a simple camera move as a preset. Press the scale and then the play button. And then we have a fun zoom effect. We then just stretch it out over the entire clip so that it slowly zooms in and covers the entire shot. What I'm going to do now is Right click on Transform and save it as a preset. And all of these scaling effects are saved. I'll name it "Ken Burns" and press it OK. Now I've created my own Ken Burns effect. Now when I go into preferences, go to Ken Burns and drag and drop them into my next clip. These settings are copied and pasted into the next clip and slowly scaled. When I press play, the camera slowly zooms in. It works really well. Let's assume you are making an assembly or you would like to be able to insert it quickly using drag and drop.

The same applies to color effects. We're going to do another preset where I go into my Lumetri color and just play around with the colors and crank up the sharpening. I go into the basic correction contrast, then pick a color and make it super bright. Then I get darker. This is the look I created for my own high contrast Ozark type show. We will go into that again Lumetri color, then Right click it and Save preset. I call it PB Ozark, which stands for PremiumBeat Ozark. Now drag and drop it and paste it into my first clip. Boom. Now we have the PB Ozark effect over our clip.

I want to share the color look. So I'll create my color. I'm going to get creative and actually just try a few different looks.

Color effectsThis "look" comes from a website called Bounce Color.

This "look" (above the picture) is one of the color effects, but not exactly what I would like it to be.

Setting the temperatureI changed the look of the image by lowering the temperature and increasing the contrast.

So I'll just adjust it by lowering the temperature, increasing the contrast and putting a little vignette on top. Boom. I really like the look of it, but I also want this shot to be scaled along with all the other clips as this is the effect I am aiming for.

I will press Control + C.This will copy all of the settings in that clip from Premiere Pro to a bank. Now I want this effect to capture all of the other clips on this timeline that I edited together. In order to, Right click, then we go to Insert attributes. In the drop-down menu, make sure to paste that Move, that's the scale. I want it to be scaled to 125 percent. I want to check that too Lumetri color effect. Then press OKand that will copy and paste all of my settings from that shot. So all of my clips have a coherent theme.

2. Double click on Effect

Suppose you created your own presets to speed up the workflow. Apply the preset you created, e.g. B. the PB Ozark, via drag & drop. Dragging and dropping from one side of the screen to the other is quite time consuming.

Corresponding clipMake sure the appropriate clip is selected on the timeline.

Instead, just double click on it, double click on the effect and it will add it. Whatever it is, as long as your relevant clip is selected on your timeline, you can simply double click on the effect.

3. Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutsCreate your own keyboard shortcuts.

Next, you'll create your own keyboard shortcuts. You can create these in Premiere Pro by opening the keyboard shortcuts. Suppose there is an action that you take all the time. For example, you might want to see full screen mode. You can do this by clicking the mode you want and then typing in the effect and how it will be applied. In order to, Shift + Command + F. Here's how I toggle full screen mode. Again, you can do this for so many other things, but it will really change the game if you figure out which buttons you use all the time, whether it changes volume, puts them in full screen, etc. Premier Pro does a really good layout . However, to become a master editor, you have to customize everything.

4. Audio gain

The next is audio gain. Let's say you're creating a tutorial. If you have a choice of clips, audio levels will likely be everywhere. So what I do when I first bring my clips onto my timeline is the audio levels are really low (minus twenty-six) which is not the audio level at which people normally hear. They like to hear everything at around minus zero.

Audio gainGo to Audio Gain to set the audio to minus zero.

So we're going to highlight all of these clips, right click on the audio and access it Audio gain, then Normalize Max Peaks to minus zero. This means that all of my audio clips in my timeline will be set to a level that we suddenly see in our audio track. We'll see how all levels improve. Now when we hit play, everything is at a level that is standard for most people.

You can set it to minus one or minus two, but I think minus zero is kind of a sweet spot. It doesn't peak at any level and just sets everything automatically. However, if you have audio presets you like and you want the audio to sound a certain way, make it a preset, double-click it, paste it, or make it a shortcut.

That's it guys. Hopefully you learned something from these preferences. It's something I use all the time in each of my videos. It may seem like you're saving milliseconds, but milliseconds will save you hours of editing.

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