[Free] 3d-io ships Exr-IO 2.04 for Photoshop
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(Free) 3d-io delivers Exr-IO 2.04 for Photoshop

Thursday, October 15, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Originally published May 30, 2019. Scroll down for news about the 2.04 update.

Tools developer 3d-io has released Exr-IO 2.0, the latest version of its free Photoshop plug-in for reading and writing multilayer EXR files, with Cryptomatte support and the option to export mipmaps.

Load or save multilayer OpenEXR files, including those with deep pixel data
First released in 2016, Exr-IO allows artists to work with layered OpenEXR files rendered in 3D software just as they would in compositing software like Nuke.

The plugin imports or exports all channels in a multilayer EXR file as separate layers with support for blend modes and opacity.

Alpha channels can be split into separate layers and added to layers that do not provide their own opacity information. This allows selections and masks to be created much faster.

Exr-IO can read multipart EXR files, including those that contain deep image data. Photoshop doesn't support this, but the plugin merges the data so that Photoshop can display it.

New in Exr-IO 2.0: Support for the generation of Crytomatte and Mipmap
In addition, Exr-IO 2.0 offers support for Cryptomatte, Psyop's customary ID matting system.

The feature automatically generates selection masks for rendered objects in a scene, including support for depth of field, motion blur, and hair.

In addition, game artists can now use Exr-IO to read and write Mipmaps and Ripmaps. The latter allows the plugin to be used to generate non-square textures.

There are also a number of performance improvements, described as reducing memory footprint and improving stability, especially when working with EXR files with a very large number of layers.

Updated October 15, 2020: 3d-io has released Exr-IO 2.04. The plugin now automatically assigns layer groups in Photoshop when importing to ensure the organization of the files.

Since we last wrote about the plugin, 3d-io has released a number of other bugfix and workflow updates. For details, see the software's developer blog.

Exr-IO 2.04 is a free download for 32- and 64-bit editions of Photoshop that will only run on Windows.

Read an overview of the new functions in Exr-IO 2.04 in the 3d-io blog
(Contains a download link for the plugin)

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