Freebie Friday: Assets for Action Films Roundup
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We have collected several assets for action films in this Freebie Friday Roundup. Stuff too dangerous to shoot like explosions, guns and bombs.

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Bullets and Shotgun Shells from The Pixel Lab

Download a range of bullets and shotgun shells from The Pixel Lab and This package contains the bullets and grenades for:

  • a sniper rifle
  • a pistol
  • a shotgun

These are made for Cinema 4D and are rendered with Otoy Octane Render.

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Get the free balls

In detail: gunfire and muzzle flash effectsIn detail: shots and flashes of the muzzle

A comprehensive resource for adding spectacular Gunfire and Muzzle Flash effects to your action films and science fiction epics in a host of your choice.

In detail: shots and flashes of the muzzle

Free Cinema 4D 3D Model: Dynamite Bomb

Another from The Pixel Lab. Be careful with it! It is a free Cinema 4D Dynamite Bomb model with a timer designed by Remco van der Meer. structured / illuminated for Arnold Render in C4D. For personal or commercial use.

Download Dynamite Bomb

Free ActionVFX share for action movies

Download free blasters, fire sound effects, bullet hole textures, blood mist, and more from Action VFX. Their stock content has been used for a few fan favorites including The Flash, The Walking Dead, Narcos, and The Punisher.

Check out Action VFX Freebies

Detonate: 40 FREE explosion SFX and VFX elements

Download 15 free explosion elements and 25 explosion sound effects from Premium Beat for your next action movie!

Get Detonates

Free explosions for CINEMA 4D with Turbulence FD

Animator Eugenio Herrera kindly shared these free explosions with Cinema 4D and Jawset Turbulence FD!

Download here

Jawset TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D Jawset TurbulenceFD for Cinema 4D

Generate realistic liquids, vapors, dust and other particle-based phenomena right in Cinema 4D

TurbulenceFD has all of the functionality a visual effects artist needs to create organic-looking particles. For example, get unparalleled realism and control with the dynamics of gaseous liquids on a voxel basis. Also, get a physically based fire shader, particle advection, and multiple scattering. TurbulenceFD is easy to use. To explain this, Jawset created it using an intuitive workflow. In addition, you will enjoy the speed with which high-end GPUs and CPUs can also be used with extensive simulation data.

learn more Try TurbulenceFD for C4D for free!

Maya: Free Fire, Smoke Effect Script

Create flames and smoke in Maya easily with the free Python script Flame Generator created by Arif Akca. The flame generator is compatible with all versions of Maya.

Download the free flame generator

Selected image source: David Levêque


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