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Solaris is a Windows-only reverb plugin from Adam Szabo and it sounds lovely.

With its shimmering effect, it adds a celestial aura to your music, and creates cascading, sparkling reverberations. The Solaris plugin is your gateway to celestial realms, empowering you to create enchanting textures and transcendental atmospheres within your compositions. With its low CPU usage, it can also function as a modern reverb unit for many different applications.

Adam Szabo

Solaris specs

  • Windows Operating system
  • Processor with SSE2 or higher
  • 32 and 64-bit VST2 and 64-bit VST3 Compatible host

Want more reverb options?

Or, perhaps you’re on a Mac. We have some great options for you!


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ADAPTIVERB is a revolutionary reflectionless reverberation plug-in. Unlike traditional reflection-based acoustic room modeling, ADAPTIVERB adds perceived depth, harmonic richness, and butter-smooth tails without obscuring the source. Preserving the tonal definition and directness of your mix, it adds “size”, “glue” and “body”. Thus, it’s perfect for mixing and mastering applications alike.

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PSPaudioware Reverb Bundle

PSPaudioware Reverb Bundle

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