FUJIFILM X-T3 Firmware Update v4.00 - Autofocus Performance Now Similar to X-T4
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FUJIFILM has released a firmware update for the FUJIFILM X-T3 that improves the auto focus performance of the mirrorless camera. According to the company, FUJIFILM's X-T3 firmware update v4.00 will now offer auto-focus performance similar to the X-T4 thanks to a new algorithm. Let's take a closer look!

FUJIFILM X-T3 firmware update v4.00

The FUJIFILM X-T3 was released in September 2018 (our review here), and even after the X-T4 was released in February 2020 (our review here), it's nice to see the company is still releasing firmware updates to one from it to improve the best mirrorless cameras on the market.

The FUJIFILM X-T3 v4.00 firmware update has just landed and brings some auto focus improvements to the camera. According to FUJIFILM, "the update will improve the auto focus performance of the X-T3 to the same level as that of the FUJIFILM X-T4," which sounds impressive.

You will find all the details about this firmware update below:

  • The fastest AF speed has been improved from 0.06 seconds to 0.02 seconds, which is in line with the performance of the X-T4.
  • The algorithm for predicting subject movement has been updated.
  • AF tracking performance has been doubled. Press the shutter button halfway when a subject is in focus to maintain focus on the subject with greater accuracy.
  • Face Tracking / Eye AF performance has been improved. The algorithm has been rewritten to double the tracking performance of the Eye AF in continuous shooting mode.
  • The update enables the camera's AF to work down to -7 EV in poor lighting conditions, which enables fast and highly accurate phase detection AF even in the dark.
  • The new firmware adds the “focus limiter” function, which offers a predefined specific focus area.
  • The size of the single AF point can be adjusted during video recording.
  • Photo reviews can be read by third-party software so that users can quickly find their favorite pictures.
  • The focus lever can change the focus point during AE lock.
  • The standard setting of the AF-S PRIORITY SELECTION in the RELEASE / FOCUS PRIORITY menu of the SHOOTING menu is changed from RELEASE to FOCUS.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

All of these updates are very welcome, and no firmware to paralyze a camera is a really smart move by FUJIFILM. The FUJIFILM X-H1 has also received a firmware update version 2.11 that fixes a few minor bugs.

Price and availability

These firmware updates are now available free of charge. You can download the FUJIFILM X-T3 firmware update v4.00 by clicking here and the latest FUJIFILM X-H1 firmware here.

What do you think of this firmware update? Are you still shooting or upgrading to the X-T4 with your X-T3? Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below!


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