Fxlion NANOHUB Introduced - Power Hub for Compact Batteries
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Fxlion, the specialized battery company, has launched a new compact power hub that allows you to supply all of your camera accessories (and more) with just one battery: the Fxlion NANOHUB. This tiny adapter works with compact batteries like the Fxlion NANO ONE / TWO. The NANOHUB offers you many output powers, including two USB connectors of type C / type A, two 12 V and 7.4 V barrel outputs and two D-Tap input / output connections. Let's take a closer look at this versatile power hub!

Credit: Fxlion

Fxlion NANOHUB functions

Smaller V-mount batteries are becoming increasingly popular and are slowly replacing traditional large battery packs that we have known for decades. Our cameras and camera rigs are getting smaller these days, so it's a good thing to get more compact power solutions. The Fxlion NANO ONE and NANO TWO compact batteries have been available for some time, and the company is expanding its range of power supply accessories with the Fxlion NANOHUB.


Credit: Fxlion

At 84 x 63 x 23 mm, this power hub is quite compact and has a weight of 210 g. Here is a brief summary of all the offers of the Fxlion NANOHUB:

  • There is a blue belt work indicator on the front.
  • On the back you will find a 1 / 4-20 inch mounting thread that you can use to attach it to your camera rig.
  • On the left is a USB Type-C input / output connector with built-in PD quick charge protocols. The maximum power is 60 W, so you can charge some MacBook Pros with it. There is also a "normal" USB Type-A port that supports QC3.0 fast charging protocols. Finally, there is a DC output connection with a maximum of 7.4 V / 3 A (2.1 mm diameter).
  • The right side has a 12V / 3A max DC output housing connector. There is a D-Tap 10.0V – 16.8V power input / output connector that can take a maximum load of 10A.
  • Below is another D-Tap power input / output connector with the same properties.


Credit: Fxlion

To power everything, you need to power one of the two D-Tap ports or the USB Type-C port. The input voltage can be a V-Mount / Gold Mount 14.8 V battery, a USB or D-Tap charger, a USB-C charger / power bank or a power supply. The Fxlion NANOHUB is very versatile and offers you numerous power supply options as required.

Price and availability

The Fxlion NANOHUB is available now for $ 130.00. If you already have compact batteries, this seems to be an inexpensive power hub solution that allows you to power all of your accessories on your rig or on the go.

What do you think about the Fxlion NANOHUB? Are you already using compact V-mount / gold mount batteries? Let us know in the comments below!


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