G-Technology ArmorLock SSD - Drive With App Based Security
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The G-Technology ArmorLock SSD is a new range of encrypted hard drives from Western Digital that can be controlled from your smartphone.

G-Technology ArmorLock

The ArmorLock is a robust SSD hard drive with 2 TB USB-C bus and SSD hard drive, on which read / write speeds are specified up to 1000 MB / s.

ArmorLock SSD

The ArmorLock-encrypted NVMe SSD is app-controlled for security reasons. This app offers complete drive and user management – you can lock and unlock your drives and choose who should have access when and when.

The fear-inducing promotional video shows how the ArmorLock SSD works well with sensitive data – when sending and transporting drives as well as with reassuring access to personal data.

Access via app

The app communicates with the ArmorLock drive via Bluetooth or USB. There is a separate co-processor for data processing to reduce the impact of transfer speeds.

All drive formatting and authorization is done through the app.

Set up the drive in the Western Digital app

There is also a feature that tracks the location of your ArmorLock drives.

Security & encryption

You can find the whitepaper for the Western Digital ArmorLock here.

It explains in detail how the system is built. Her explanation of hardware encryption is interesting:

“ArmorLock drives have hardware-based 256-bit encryption with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using the XTS block encryption mode.

Hardware-based encryption is more secure than…. Software… .. since the host computer has access to the encryption key for the hard drive, which means that malware on the host can steal this key.

With hardware-based encryption, the key used to encrypt data on the drive remains isolated in the drive itself. "

The unique QR code provides fail-safe recovery

Robustness and size

The Armorlock SSD has a drop resistance of up to 3 meters, a pressure resistance of 1000 pounds and a dust and water resistance of IP67.

The dimensions are (L x W x H) 134.37 mm x 81.53 mm x 18.54 mm and the weight is 200 g.

Can you imagine using the G-Technology ArmorLock drive? Do you often have to deal with sensitive data from recordings? Let us know in the comments below.


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