Gear List For My Feature Film - Split
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I am currently in production for my second feature film called Split. The film focuses on the breakup of a marriage between Jack, a recovering alcoholic who lost his first wife in a drunken traffic accident, and Bethany, his new wife, who suffers from borderline personality disorder.

In contrast to my first feature (footsteps), which was recorded with RED, I decided to record this with the BlackMagic camera. Because of the nature of this film, the budget, and the size of the crew, I decided that using a smaller camera would lead to a better end result. Essentially, I wanted more time to focus on the story, the actors, and other important elements. The only problem was that the BMC camera wasn't released in time and so I had to choose a new camera for the shoot. I considered many options, including going back to RED or recording in mixed formats, but in the end I decided to use my GH2.

At first I was reluctant to do this as I had never used this camera (or DSLR) on a project of this scale and wasn't sure if it was up to the task. However, I took a chance, invested in new gear and lenses for the camera, and it paid off. The quality I got from the camera was really excellent and I am always impressed with this little machine.

Here are a few lightly touched pictures from the shoot so far:

To make this camera usable in the context for which I intended it to be used, I needed a considerable amount of equipment. Below is a selected list of some of the devices I am currently using with the GH2. Over the next few weeks I'll be giving some reviews of these products and describing how they held up during this shoot:

Cinevate Atlas 10 FLT Slider

Jag35 Offset DSLR Shoulder Rig & Follow Focus

DiCAPac underwater SLR case

Western Digital My Book Studio – metal

Sachtler Ace tripod

Marshall M-CT7 7 "monitor

Some stills from the set with the equipment:

Noam Kroll is an award-winning filmmaker from Los Angeles and founder of the boutique production house Creative Rebellion. His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television and in various publications around the world. Follow Noam on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more content like this!


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