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Sign up for the new music subscription to PremiumBeat. Get more of your favorite royalty-free music at a lower price. Save over 70% Today – $ 12.99 each.

For video editors, SMB owners, filmmakers, YouTubers, and anyone else who sends content to the world, using royalty-free music is a fantastic way to enhance your projects and make your message stand out.

That's why we want to bring you the very best in royalty-free tracks – 100 percent copyrighted music that can help you achieve your creative and business goals (as well as viewers and customers).

Our tracks are exclusive to our collection – you won't find them anywhere else. Every song is triple-checked by music industry professionals. Our small list of contributors includes Grammy winners and artists who sell platinum. And now the music these artists create is more affordable than ever.

Meet the new PremiumBeat monthly music subscription

Save over seventy percent on PremiumBeat titles with our new monthly music subscription. Image via

Customers like you asked for it, and now it's here – a monthly music subscription that saves you over 70 percent on PremiumBeat tracks. How does it work? I'm glad you asked.

When you sign up, you'll get five titles each month for just $ 12.99 each. To keep things simple and organized, you will be billed $ 64.95 monthly. That is, in turn, over seventy percent savings with a problem-free three-month commitment.

All downloads include full titles (.wav and .mp3) and our popular standard license that you know and love. In addition, your downloads include shorts, loops, and stems to make editing easier. Details on the new music subscription can be found here.

Subscribe now, save now

New PremiumBeat monthly music subscription: savings

Five tracks for just $ 64.95 / month! Image via Hitdelight.

Again – $ 64.95 billed monthly. Five tracks a month, no rollover. Downloads include shorts, loops, stems, and standard licenses. Your three-month commitment will save you over seventy percent. This is not just good business – this is a bargain.

Starting your subscription is a breeze and the benefits are available immediately. If you're ready to create more content while spending less, the affordable PremiumBeat monthly music subscription is your solution.

Why PremiumBeat Music?

New Monthly PremiumBeat Music Subscription: Library

Our collection contains songs from world class musicians. Image via New Africa.

PremiumBeat is the preferred music library for creatives around the world. Our ever-growing collection contains thousands of world-class songs from every mood and genre imaginable – including rare Ambisonic, Binaural and ASMR tracks.

Do you need PRO-free or GEMA-free music? We've got you covered there too. Regardless of the titles you need, our powerful search filters and productivity-enhancing keyboard shortcuts are quick and easy to find.

New PremiumBeat monthly music subscription: keyboard shortcuts

Check out our easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts.

But don't just take our word for it. Download some free titles and give PremiumBeat a try for yourself. The next time you need music, just stop by and start your subscription. The tracks won't be free – but at the new low price of $ 12.99 each, they could be!

Cover picture via Irina Levitskaya.


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