Get One of 100 Free Copies of SOL Space VFX Elements (or a Coupon Code)
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We're giving away 100 free copies of SOL | Space VFX elements!

Do you need effects that give your audience space? Not sure how to fake it yourself? Well, the folks at FilmCrux have given us 100 free copies of SOL | brought together Space VFX elements.

SOL contains 94 of the most useful and essential space VFX assets that allow you to assemble stunning space scenes in seconds. And they're easy to use in your editing software.

Drag and drop

These effects are specially designed for drag and drop. Just add a black background to your scene, add whatever effects you want, and customize to your taste.


  • 94 original high quality assets
  • All pictures and videos in 4K or higher quality (13.3 GB)
  • We use the same assets in our renowned space videos
  • Compatible with all common editing or design platforms
  • Toll-free
  • Digital download


  • Star fields (realistic star fields that you can insert into your recordings to create breathtaking space scenes)
  • Planets and Moons (contains 43 planets and moons in PNG format on a transparent background that you can easily insert into your scenes)
  • Planet close-ups (high quality, ultra-realistic close-ups of planets)
  • Planet rings (drop yourself on one of the 43 planets and moons and create new ring planets with endless combinations)
  • Asteroids (high quality 4K clips of asteroids and asteroid fields that you can add to your scenes to create movement)
  • Stars and Suns (individual suns and solar eclipses that you can either use as backgrounds for your scene or as individual elements to add flare)

Compatible with:

All assets are in PNG format with a transparent background or 4K video with alpha (transparency) channels, making them compatible with all major video or image editing platforms, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut X, and DaVinci Resolve. Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Pixelmator, and more.

Get your free copy here with the voucher code: NFSVFX

Didn't get here in time for a free copy? Use this code for 25% discount: SOLNFS

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