Get Quixel’s free Megascans plugin for Unreal Engine
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Get Quixel's free Megascans plug-in for Unreal Engine

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

Quixel has released version 6.3 of its free Unreal Engine integration plug-in for Megascans, its popular online library of scan-based 3D materials and models.

The update includes a new vertex blend material with support for blending elevation maps, a new fuzz material for mossy surfaces, and a camera-aligned poster material for exporting 3D plants with low LOD values.

The updated plugin is available with Bridge 2020.3.2, the latest version of Quixel's free content management tool and file exporter for megascans assets.

In related news, the two latest updates to Mixer, Quixel's material authoring software, added over 100 new Smart Materials, including a number of Arch materials. Read more about Quixel Mixer 2020.1.5.

New Vertex Blending Material for blending Megascans materials in Unreal Engine
The Megascans plugin for Unreal Engine allows artists using UE4 for game development, visual effects work, or architectural visualization to export scan assets directly to the game engine.

While it was already possible to layer Megascans data to create new custom PBR materials in Unreal Engine, version 6.3 of the plugin improves the quality and controllability of the results.

Each layer in a mixed material now contains basic parameters for tile, rotation, offset, and normal strength. Advanced options such as minimum / maximum roughness and mirror from albedo can be switched on or off.

The update also introduces a new "wet / puddle" layer to mimic surface water, which is mixed on each layer. It includes controls for opacity, water normals, and blackout dropout to tone underlying layers.

The new vertex mix material also uses an elevation map mix that "vastly improves mix quality".

Also new in version 6.3: New fuzz material for moss, better LOD export for 3D plants
Other changes in version 6.3 of the Megascans plugin for Unreal Engine include a new fuzz material, mainly intended for shading moss on walls and masonry instead of fabric.

The update also introduces a new billboard material for the camera that can be used to export 3D plants with the lowest levels of detail. and has support for custom LOD removals to reduce LOD "popping" in Unreal Engine.

Pricing and system requirements
The Megascans plugin for Unreal Engine comes with Quixel Bridge 2020.3.2 and higher. It is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.23-4.25.

Bridge is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Since Epic Games acquired Quixel last year, the software itself has been available for free download.

All Megascans assets are now available to Unreal Engine users free of charge for use in UE4 projects. For non-UE4 projects, paid subscriptions now range from $ 19 / month to $ 999 / month.

Read an overview of the features in the Megascans plug-in for Unreal Engine on Quixel's blog

For a full list of what's new in the Megascans plugin for Unreal Engine v6.3, check out the online changelog

Download Quixel Bridge from the product website

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