Glass Fracturing - Real Time VFX
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Hello again,

I was wondering how people approach breaking glass in the unreal. I also try to decide which workflow works best in my pipeline (passing meshes from modellers to me and me, breaking and adding to prefabricated houses)

Right now I have taken the window grille, passed it through the tip to the break, and had 3 different breaks per window pane (fully broken and two types with parts left behind). I then add this to the prefabricated house and this can be randomized the type of fracturing it will have. Seems to work fine, but there is a fair bit of work going on to break all the panes and set up the prefabricated houses initially. There has to be a better way …

My options seem:

  1. apex – now devalued, but lots of examples of how to do it
  2. Bust – Apex replacement from NVIDIA, but not fully supported
  3. chaos – recently released requires adding the feature too unreal
  4. Houdini fracture with apex – have worked on this before but due to the use of Apex this may not be the best approach

There is this in the market ( so real-time fractures can obviously be done "on the fly", but I have just wondering how anyone else has approached it?


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