Go Behind the Scenes of Some of 2020's Most Popular Movies
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There weren't many new movies in 2020, but there were some really memorable ones.

It's been such a strange year – I feel like during the times when I wanted to feel normal, I put on a movie, opened my bag of popcorn, and just tried to escape. One of my favorite annual roundups is Insider's, where they show you the movie magic behind this year's hits.

It has all the stunts, camera tricks and stars your heart desires.

Check out this video from Insider and let's talk after the jump.

Go behind the scenes of some of the most popular films of 2020

This was the year of the COVID Compliance Officer, but it also brought its own breakthroughs in the world of special effects. I know I am still staggering after that Mandalorian reveal last week.

But that was television.

The cinema has really tried to catch up with some interesting trends in terms of imaginative animation, digital effects, lifelike practical effects, and cutting edge stunt sequences. We saw incredible images from films like Onward, which was a new twist on the Pixar buddy adventure. But we've seen leaps and bounds from other companies looking to compete with Disney's animation dominance.

3D animated films found innovative ways to animate and light up their worlds like in Netflix's Over the Moon.

This was also the year of the CGI Beast, with Dolittle and The Call of the Wild answering the question of what it is like when giant stars play against people posing as dogs.

My favorite Hollywood story of the year is that all the fans rebel when they see the original Sonic plans and get them to revive the character. Sonic the Hedgehog used VFX technology to combine CG animals with living human characters and environments. And then did it all over again to make it look like the game …

Which felt exactly like they should have started!

I loved watching The Invisible Man. I thought it would be such a clever use of the green screen and camera trick to create fear. Everything felt carefully planned and exciting.

Of course, it's not just cameras and computers. The stunts in Mulan and Birds of Prey were really fluid. I've seen Mulan turn so many times. Really interesting cinematography there. The fight scenes did a lot to help emphasize the style and separate it from comparisons with other films. And the roller skating in Birds of Prey remains my favorite part of this movie.

Lots of cool things here.

What are your favorite VFX moments this year? Let us know in the comments!


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