Midweek Motivation: Godfather of Harlem Title Sequence with VFX Breakdown. Image © Epix
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The Godfather of Harlem title sequence has just won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design. Below is the main title sequence. Also, see a brief overview of Peter Pak's paper collage technique.

The handcrafted stop-motion look for paper collages was created using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. Also, they shot vintage paper to give it the antique look.

Peter Pak the designer / main animator / art director posted this breakdown of the title sequence. In the description he explains:

The main title INTENTIONALLY reflects many of Romare Bearden's techniques, aesthetics, and themes, and is a purposeful design for the series opening credits that is not meant to stand apart from its cinematic purpose. Similar to how the show adds hip-hop and other modern flair that is anachronistic to the period depicted on the show, our main title also uses modern artistic principles to improve readability for a modern audience. The complexity of Romare's collages, while appealing in its intriguing subtleties, could compromise the legibility of the credits or would not read as well if only shown for a brief moment in the fast-paced main title. As a result, many of our Romare-inspired designs have been simplified or redesigned in terms of form and composition, which may have resulted in similarities with modern and contemporary collages in places. I hope the interest in the show and the main title will lead to a wider audience perceiving the artwork by Romare Bearden and other African American artists.

Read more about Vimeo.

Congratulations to the design team on your Emmy win!

Godfather of the Harlem title sequence

Godfather of Harlem main title: Collage Effect Breakdown

Read more about Vimeo.

Godfather of Harlem title sequence Credits

Mason Nicoll, Creative Director / Editor EPIX
Peter Pak, Designer / Main Animator / Art Director
Giovana Pham, designer
Cisco Torres, animator

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