Master FLIP fluid simulation in Houdini
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Master FLIP fluid simulation in Houdini

Saturday, October 3, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

The Gnomon Workshop published Introduction to FLIP Liquids in Houdini, a guide to Houdini's powerful tools for simulating liquids and particles recorded by FX TD Danny Barnhart.

The workshop for beginners and advanced learners, which includes more than three hours of video training, guides the viewer through the process of simulating the process of pouring champagne into a glass.

Get started with Houdini's FLIP toolsets for liquids and particle simulations
Based on Houdini's shelf tools, Barnhart shows how to set up geometry that emits liquid into a glass object before diving into the simulation work.

He then examines how user-defined attributes can be used to model the interaction between foams and liquids and differentiate between the movement of liquid and foam particles.

Once the main simulation is cached, Barnhart shows how to set up the foam particles for meshing and rendering, and how to use additional particle simulations to add bubbles to the champagne.

With all of the simulation elements cached, Barnhart sets up basic lighting and shaders to render a final simulation in Mantra, one of Houdini's native render engines.

About the artist
Danny Barnhart is an effects artist who has worked in the fields of feature film animation, episodic television, and advertising. His credits include Spies in Disguise at Blue Sky Studios and TV shows Dispatches from Elsewhere and Evil.

Currently working as a freelance artist and story consultant, he loves to bring his skills and voice to projects that highlight the experiences of marginalized groups.

Prices and availability
The Introduction to FLIP Fluids in Houdini is available through an online subscription to The Gnomon Workshop and provides access to over 300 tutorials. Subscriptions are $ 49 / month or $ 490 / year. Free trials are available.

For more information on the introduction to FLIP fluids in Houdini, visit the Gnomon Workshop website

Full Disclosure: Greenscreen is owned by Gnomon.

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