Master hair grooming in Maya’s XGen toolset
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Mastery of hair care in Maya's XGen toolset

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

The Gnomon Workshop published Creating a Stylized Groom in Maya and XGen, a hair care workflow guide for production recorded by former MPC lead groom TD Bhavika Bajpai.

The workshop, which includes more than three hours of video training, shows how to create a professional digital hairdresser using Maya's built-in XGen toolset.

Master efficient hair care workflows based on the tube proxy geometry in Maya's XGen toolset
During the training, Bajpai reveals her entire grooming workflow by first analyzing photographic references and deciding how to plan the groom.

She then presents the most important aspects of the XGen toolset using a sphere as a “character”. It covers creating and moving hair guides, setting up clumps and cutoffs, and discussing basic XGen expressions.

Bajpai then contrasts a traditional, guided-based grooming process with her own workflow based on the geometry of the proxy tube, demonstrating how efficient it is to create stylized looks.

She then uses a character mock-up to demonstrate the workflow, which includes setting up the tubes, adding them to XGen, and the XGen modifiers and maps needed to create the final hairstyle.

The workshop concludes with a look at setting up basic shading with the aiStandardHair shader in Maya's bundled Arnold renderer and setting up lights and a camera for a final rendering.

About the artist
Bhavika Bajpai is the fur groom manager at the animation studio Sunrise Productions. Previously, she was Senior Groom TD at leading visual effects facility MPC, where she worked on The Lion King.

She began her career as a surface artist at Rhythm & Hues before turning to texturing and fur care. Eventually she led a team of over 20 artists and worked on films such as The Life of Pi.

Prices and availability
Creating a Stylized Groom in Maya and XGen is available through a subscription to The Gnomon Workshop and gives access to over 300 tutorials. Subscriptions are $ 49 / month or $ 490 / year. Free trials are available.

For more information on creating a stylized groom in Maya and XGen, visit The Gnomon Workshop website

Full Disclosure: Greenscreen is owned by Gnomon.

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