Master the principles of movie poster design
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Master the principles of movie poster design

Monday, November 2, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

The Gnomon Workshop published Understanding The Principles of Poster Design, an essential guide to the realities of commercial poster design recorded by former Netflix creative director Tomasz Opasinski.

During more than four hours of video training, Opasinski speaks to viewers layer by layer through the design of real movie posters, including examples from his own work for films like Oblivion.

Gnomon describes the master class as geared towards graphic designers, visual storytellers, and those who simply "appreciate the art of great design".

Discover what you really need to know to be successful at movie poster design
Strong CG knowledge is just one requirement to become a commercial poster designer. To begin a career in entertainment design, you need a much wider range of skills.

During the workshop, Opasinski empirically evaluates what makes a successful poster, including storytelling elements, title treatments and technical requirements such as credit blocks.

To illustrate the key concepts, he analyzes, layer by layer, real movie posters and reveals the design features that they use to convey certain messages to their target audience.

Although most of the demonstrations are done in Photoshop, Opasinski discusses the importance of 3D software like Cinema 4D in modern poster design.

He also reveals the realities of life in commercial marketing campaigns, gives tips for working successfully on a team, and shows how to tackle the practical and creative challenges artists face.

About the artist
In more than 20 years in entertainment advertising, Tomasz Opasinski has contributed to over 500 branded campaigns for films, including theater, streaming and TV releases.

In his last role as Creative Lead at Netflix, he worked on 700 Neflix Originals and 100 innovation projects.

As a visual empiricist, author, and consultant for large advertising agencies and creative studios, his own practice includes traditional poster making, digital graffiti, digital photography and 3D modeling.

Prices and availability
Understanding the principles of poster design is available through subscription to The Gnomon Workshop and provides access to over 300 tutorials. Subscriptions are $ 49 / month or $ 490 / year. Free trials are available.

For more information on understanding the principles of poster design, visit the Gnomon Workshop website

Full Disclosure: Greenscreen is owned by Gnomon.

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