Halon Entertainment Now Up and Running with Full Remote Workforce
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Leading visualization company Halon Entertainment has just told AWN that they have successfully switched to remote operations in an effort to ensure the health and safety of their employees and have been working on productions with a fully remote workforce for the past three weeks. Known for pioneering Previs, Postvis, and Techvis on shows like Ad Astra, Aquaman, and The Mandalorian, the studio has most recently edited the Previs work on Call of the Wild and Ford vs. Ferrari, and is currently working on Matt Reeves latest work, The Batman.

In an open letter, Halon CEO Chris Ferriter said:

"At Halon Entertainment, we pride ourselves on a corporate culture that promotes both creative excellence and employee well-being. As we became aware of the severity of the global COVID-19 pandemic and realized the impact this would have on our teams in North America and the United States United States In the UK, we have decided to proactively investigate what is required to transition to remote workflows without compromising the rigorous IP protection practices required to work with feature films, and I am proud that The third week today for successfully managing 100% remote work is workforce.

I am grateful to our technical, artistic, production, administrative and leadership teams who have made the health and safety of our employees a top priority and who are constantly striving to meet the quality standards we adhere to. Although this transition was not without challenges, I want to publicly recognize everyone at #teamHalon who has been supportive, flexible, and innovative in addressing this issue.

Our business is fully functional and ready to create. We will get through this difficult time and, on the other hand, come out stronger than ever. "

Source: Halon Entertainment

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