Top 10 mobile games to play 2020
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Professional gaming has become a popular career option among teens and aspiring teenagers. In the past, gambling was frowned upon as a profession. Times have changed, however, and now players can put their skills to the test online and in popular tournaments.

In general, anyone can start a career in gaming, but not many can sustain it. Gaining followers and having a personable personality can be a daunting task. Plus, you no longer need a gaming PC or expensive gaming setup to play all of the top games. You can still start your gaming career with mobile games on a well configured Android / iOS smartphone.

The 10 latest mobile games:

Most smartphones have an efficient standard chip with sufficiently powerful RAM. This allows you to easily play any of the following games. In addition, built-in smartphone tools like screen recorder are of great help.

You can record the games and upload them to Twitch, YouTube, or other popular platforms. Below are the top 10 games to start your gaming career:

1. Between us

Thanks to the meme culture, Among Us is trending right now. It's the hottest game of the year with a simple premise. You can choose from three maps to play against ten other players.

Once the game starts, 1, 2 or 3 players are randomly selected to become cheaters. Your goal is to sabotage and kill everyone to win the game. Accordingly, the remaining number of players must find out the cheaters and throw them off the ship through discussion and voting. Both can be played between us PC and smartphones. You have to buy it for PC, but it's available for free on the App Store. Right now, this is a great way to start your gaming career as millions of people watch others play online.

2. Call of Duty: Mobile

The popular Call of Duty (COD) franchise released its mobile counterpart after PUBG did the same. Due to the recent ban on PUBG Mobile, thousands of players have now switched to cash on delivery.

Both differ in game mode and game mode. Cash on delivery, however, is more convenient for short games. PUBG lasted half an hour for each game. In comparison, cash on delivery is more intensive and pleasant. In addition, you can play COD on your PC through the official emulator.

3. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Third on the list is Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2. It is a fun multiplayer game that can be played locally via Bluetooth or online. You can play in teams or against each other.

The aim of the game is simple and it is to survive. You can use available weapons or pick them up from your dead enemies. As with other games, you can record your gameplay and share it online. You can also play such games via livestream to gain an audience over time.

4. Asphalt 9: LEGENDS

The Asphalt series is the most popular racing game for Android and iPhones. It has advanced graphics with a good physics engine. Their races are short but have an arcade feel to them.

Currently, Asphalt 9: LEGENDS is the newest in the franchise and has already attracted millions of players. It's a good game to start a gaming career as people are often looking for walkthroughs and time records. Hence, you can deploy both online.

5. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a game that became one of the biggest hits in 2016. It combines the real and imaginary world of Pokemon in one. All you have to do is go outside with an active internet connection and find some great catches.

If you miss something, you can just tap the pokeball to pick it up and try again. You will also receive special eggs during the game. These can be hatched by simply walking around. A gaming career can be started by sharing your achievements or creating tutorials for the game. You can also make friends by sharing them Pokemon cards.

6. Fruit ninja

Another popular game in its heyday is the Fruit Ninja. It is an arcade game where you cut fruit that is thrown on the screen by swiping your fingers. Multiple game modes will keep you hooked.

All you have to do is avoid touching the bombs. You can play this game and try to get the highest score to advance your gaming career.

best mobile games 2020

7. Ludo

Who hasn't played the Ludo Wala game at least once in their life? It is the most popular board game of our childhood. Now, Ludo has become a favorite game on the digital platform.

Ludo Online is just your favorite board game, but with exciting modes. You can play the 10 minute game where the winners are determined based on points. You can take part in tournaments and earn cash rewards. As a bonus, you can play the game with strangers or with your loved ones.

8. Subway surfers

Subway surfers is a simple and fun version of the popular Temple Run game. It follows the same premise of dodging trains and other obstacles while escaping from a cop.

You can purchase special boosters throughout the course to earn more points. Over time, you can use these points to unlock characters and other items. This is where you can try to get the highest score and start your gaming career by posting it online.

9. Jetpack joyride

Another fun arcade game is the popular Jetpack Joyride. The controls are refined. You can collect boosters along the way and collect coins too.

Over time you will level up as you earn more points. These can be used to unlock powerful vehicles, boosters, and special character skins. It's a very entertaining film with a simple premise.

10. Drive drive

There are very few simulation games for smartphones and Dr Driving is one of them. It is a driving simulation game in which you will go through different levels of driving tests. This includes parking, drifting, highway etiquette, and much more.

Not only is it fun, but it also helps you get a deeper insight into driving. There are many ways to create tutorials and walkthroughs online. Ultimately, this can help you get started in your gaming career.


In summary, it doesn't matter if you choose one Download ludo or live stream among us. Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular with teens due to its easy accessibility.

As a result, you can start a professional gaming career with mobile gaming. Once you are successful, you can easily make the cash needed to buy a gaming PC and make it your full-time career.


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