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Lensrentals published its annual statistics on the best rented photo and video equipment. In 2020, the numbers were hit by the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, but certain trends are still visible. The market for renting photo / video equipment, dominated by Canon and Sony, continues to favor Canon EF mount and cinema cameras and shows a shift from DSLRs to mirrorless ones.

Lensrentals was founded in 2006 and is, in their own words, the largest online rental company for photography, videography, lighting equipment and accessories in the USA. The company's headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee (with a satellite office in Nashville). However, the company does deliver rented equipment across the United States.

Since 2016 Lensrentals have published an annual blog post with a summary of the most rented photo and video products of the year. This is interesting as it shows certain trends in the photo / video rental industry. Let's take a look at the latest item featuring the best rental gear of 2020.

Top rented equipment from 2020 on Lensrentals

According to Lensrentals, the numbers for 2020 are affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the associated lockdowns. Most of the events were canceled and that had a big impact on the photo / video segment of the events, but Lensrentals was still renting a large amount of equipment. First, let's look at the list of the most rented products in 2020:

  1. Canon 24-70mm f / 2.8L II
  2. Canon 5D Mark IV
  3. Canon 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS II
  4. Sony Alpha a7 III
  5. Canon 70-200mm f / 2.8L IS III
  6. Canon 35mm f / 1.4L II
  7. Canon EOS R.
  8. Canon 50mm f / 1.2L
  9. Sony 70-200mm f / 2.8 GM OSS
  10. Sony FE 24-70mm f / 2.8 GM
  11. Canon 16-35mm f / 2.8L III
  12. Canon 100mm f / 2.8L is macro
  13. Sony NP-FZ100 battery
  14. DJI Ronin-S 3-axis gimbal
  15. Canon 6D Mark II
  16. Nikon D750
  17. Canon LP-E6N battery
  18. Canon EF-EOS R Mount Adapter
  19. Canon 85mm f / 1.2L II
  20. Sigma 18-35mm 1: 1.8 DC HSM Art for Canon

Interestingly, the top spot for a camera goes to the 5D Mark IV DSLR, which shows that it's still a popular workhorse for photography. The DJI Ronin-S Gimbal is also interesting in the top 20 list of all lenses and camera bodies. The dominance of Canon EF L zoom lenses is less surprising.


Lensrentals published more tables with interesting data. When it comes to lenses, the Canon EF mount is still the most popular mount, followed by the Sony E in the photo segment and PL Mount in the video lens segment. The Canon RF mount has gained a remarkable market share and is the second most popular mirrorless mount in the photography segment.

Most rented lenses from 2020 from Mount. Source:

Among the lens brands, SIGMA and Venus Optics (Laowa) in the photo segment and Canon and Fujinon in the video lens segment have improved their market shares the most. Canon leads the way in all aspects when it comes to lenses.

Most rented lenses from 2020 by brand. Source:

Camera types

The market share of different types of rented cameras shows that cinema cameras are still the most popular category. Interestingly enough, mirrorless cameras were even less popular with lens rentals than DSLRs in 2019. In 2020, the locations swapped as mirrorless cameras will have more market share than DSLRs. The fact that DSLRs are still close to 20% in 2020 is almost entirely due to the photographers in my opinion.

Most rented camera types from 2020. Source:


Finally, the last table shows the branded market share of all rented products in 2020. It is not surprising that Canon's list ranks second with Sony. Interestingly, Blackmagic Design gained the largest market share compared to 2019.

Most rented brands from 2020. Source:

Do you rent your own equipment? What do you think of the trends published by Lensrentals? Let us know in the comments below the article.

Source: Lensrentals


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