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New course: Houdini Fundamentals, Collection 3

Site News | November 6, 2020

In this new course, taught by Arihant Gupta and part of our Houdini Fundamentals series, you'll learn step-by-step the concepts of creating production-ready flip workflows. We'll explore how breaking the flip down to the bare essentials can simplify scenes to ultimately create complex looking fluid simulations. Additionally, the course covers how to optimize simulations using narrow bands and adaptivity, as well as a look at the brand new whitewater system recently introduced. You also create your own wave tank to create ocean simulations and custom networking workflows.

An overview of what is on offer from class to class can be found on the course overview page here. Gupta is a Vancouver-based Senior FX Artist. His love for Houdini began in 2011 when he was doing a Masters in Visual Effects from Bournemouth University. Over the past six years he has worked on a variety of projects including Aquaman, Detective Pikachu, Stranger Things, and most recently Sonic: The Hedgehog. Flip Fluids is his specialty and he has been working on water simulations for six years.

This and over 270 other courses are available with a monthly Greenscreen membership. Visit our Greenscreen overview page for more details.

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