How Cloud ERP Implementation Can Bring Automation To The Filmmaking Industry?
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Many media companies have decided in the past few years to switch from traditional and legacy ERP software Cloud ERP solutions. Older solutions for automating business processes in particular are already considered obsolete in order to meet the requirements of various processes in the film and media industry.

Cloud-based ERP and CRM software suites support film, entertainment and media companies in bringing the scalability of their services to the optimum level. These solutions also enable easy and agile adaptation to the rapidly evolving business landscape of the media and entertainment industry.

The film and media industry in particular is known for its diverse financial and accounting challenges that span several steps. In addition to tracking various location and departmental data, including non-financial data, for efficient and credible financial planning, a modern cloud-based ERP software like Netsuite, a variety of tools can be provided to ensure efficient automation.

NetSuite for film production houses and media companies likely provides a comprehensive management platform to serve both subscribers and advertisers across channels. Netsuite has nearly every tool for all facets of business tasks and data, including strategic planning, invoicing, financial planning, order management, and revenue management, and everything in between.

Netsuite offers a single comprehensive solution for managing the entire media lifecycle

While traditional ERP, CRM and finance tools are fragmented and media and film companies are used to meet all of these needs and grapple with a multitude of software applications. Thanks to Netsuite, we have a more comprehensive platform on which all of these software solutions are combined in just one software suite.

Instead of managing different data tables for different facets of your business, NetSuite enables smooth and streamlined data management for ERP, CRM, and finance and accounting purposes in a consolidated manner. This end-to-end, standardized solution helps film production companies to automate various tasks.

Here are the key features that have made Netsuite an irreplaceable choice for the film and media industries.

  • Run sales and marketing campaigns and track the issue right from the platform.
  • Handle all aspects of the sales process, including advertiser orders and media subscriptions.
  • Track the entire ad lifecycle from fulfillment and review to custom billing.
  • Automatic management of subscription renewals with timely proactive measures to ensure smooth revenue generation.
  • Enable integration with other ad solutions and other servers for review.

Comprehensive solution for managing advertisers and subscribers

Every media and entertainment company, including film production houses, must serve both types of customers, advertisers and subscribers, respectively. You need to be familiar with the respective financial data and accounting processes of both types of customers. This is where the comprehensive Netsuite accounting suite comes into play.

With NetSuite on their side, media and film companies can easily get a full and detailed picture of the advertiser's sales status in real time and track orders and revenue generation accordingly. The solution helps you keep the advertisers and the agencies in clear command.

NetSuite, on the other hand, provides film and media companies with robust customer relationship management (CRM) tools that keep all subscriber information at hand. The integrated CRM suite helps companies to access customer data in real time via a single interface. Using the built-in renewal management and revenue tracking tools, you can automatically renew subscriptions and track revenue generation on a daily basis.

Here we briefly explain some of the ready-to-use Netsuite tools for order and campaign management.

  • The NetSuite software suite makes it much easier for advertisers to manage orders by automatically scheduling ads and displaying ads at a specified frequency. There is also a NetSuite workflow to optimize business conversion data for integrated sales tracking. There is also an automatic invoice function for each completed advertising campaign.
  • NetSuite also offers a very well structured dashboard that shows the status of ad orders for ads and that clearly separates forecast and booked orders for easy identification. The detailed campaign status, accessed through the dashboard, helps monitor ad impressions, conversions and all aspects.
  • For a media company that has to deal with too many advertising campaigns, Netsuite's integrated and automated campaign ID management is a useful and useful tool. Each ad can be easily tracked by automatically identifying the unique campaign ID for each individual ad. This makes it easier to monitor impressions for multiple campaigns through an automated process.
  • Netsuite's integrated billing suite enables media companies to bill advertisers for impressions in accordance with industry-standard protocols such as costs per thousand impressions. NetSuite helps to easily import the data corresponding to the number of impressions and to automatically generate the invoice.

A custom Netsuite implementation that is specific to a media or film company

To get the most out of the Netsuite platform, it is important to ensure a custom implementation and configuration of this robust software suite, taking into account specific requirements of the film and media industry.

In addition to the central value proposition as a uniform, integrated and automated software suite for business processes in all niches, Netsuite also differs from the competition in the scope of the customization options.

Depending on the specific needs of your film, media, or entertainment business, you can customize the controls for tracking promotional orders, prospects, invoicing, upselling, customer loyalty, and sales management.

You must choose a leading Netsuite development and implementation company with significant experience and experience in the film and media industries. As a cloud automation business suite, Netsuite is already the leading software platform. In order to be able to optimally use the platform for your business process automation, you need an experienced Netsuite partner who knows your weak points and Sofia requirements exactly.


With advertiser and subscriber retention a huge challenge for the entire media and entertainment industry, the promises of cloud-based software automation platforms like Netsuite already stood out from traditional fragmented legacy software tools. No wonder Netsuite has already gained widespread recognition and popularity as the most powerful suite for automating business processes for many niche industries such as film, media and entertainment.


About Mrudul Modh

Mrudul Modh is the Chief NetSuite Consultant of VNMT, a partner of the Netsuite Alliance, who has been involved in the customer-specific development and implementation of Netsuite in various industry niches for years.


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