Hello !

I have several questions about trails in a real production. My questions will be messy because it's messy in my head (and I don't speak English as a native language so I'm sorry).
I have to make tracks for different characters in our game, for different attacks, but I wander how to really implement them.

I decided to make a mesh trail out of a semicircle instead of using a regular trail.

But now I have to get it to work in the game. Our programmers will be responsible for the code, but I'm trying to understand how to get it to work

So do you duplicate your network for every attack? or do you put 4 tracks on the character up, down, right, left? Are you using a semicircle or a circle? Are you pinning the path somewhere or just at the root? I have so many questions that I just want to know how to integrate a mesh trail.

I'm the only vfx in your studio and I'm lost x)

Thanks for your answers ! : smiley:


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