6 Ways Filmmakers Celebrate Christmas in Tier 4 Lockdown
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With Christmas plans undone by rampant COVID, filmmakers around the world are facing the new challenge of celebrating Christmas in Tier 4 Lockdown.

Don't give in to the despair of ruined vacation plans. This is what is known as the second wave fear. And it's normal to feel anxious after an extremely difficult year. If you live alone, like many raindancers do, this holiday season is likely to create an increased sense of anxiety and loneliness.

The filmmakers who run the Raindance Film Festival have developed a series of activities that not only ease the darkness but also cheer the festival on.

6 ways filmmakers celebrate Christmas in Tier 4 Lockdown

I hope that doesn't sound pompous. I am really writing this as a note to myself. When I read this again, I realize the importance of constantly rethinking and adapting daily life in order to keep the mind and body intact.

6. Routine is king

Routine gives your day structure, no matter what day of the year. If you haven't already, create a journal for your day that includes waking, meditation, and some self-love. Lockdown can also affect your self-esteem.

Here are some simple steps to restore your self-esteem. Learn to banish lethargy. During this disappointing Christmas season, it is especially important:

  • Meet your practical, physiological needs

Take care of yourself. Haircuts may not be possible at the moment. But you can still work out, polish your shoes and iron your clothes. And nothing builds more self-esteem than a clean and fragrant body.

  • Security needs

The new normal means new ways of being. Do you have your gel and mask ready when you are ready to go out? Take care of your senses too. Turn off the COVID news. Make a playlist of soothing music. Set your speed dial with a trusted friend who you can't call when you need a shoulder to cry on. Decide what you need to do to feel safe and make it happen.

People are made to interact. Those long blackouts can make you really desperate for human contact. Make a list of the people who mean the most to you. Reach them. Don't wait for them to contact you. Be brave. Take the first step yourself and initiate your social interactions. You will feel really good taking control of your life.

Raindance has frequent online networking events that we boozin & # 39; N & # 39; Schmoozin 'call.

There is another excellent creative community for creatives of all disciplines called the Collab Writers. They have monthly network sessions which are currently free during the lockdown. The next one on Thursday January 7th is with media attorney Tony Morris. Book yourself a free ticket.

When you make a to-do list and check it off, you'll have a great feeling. Banish Locketh Lethargy: Make a to-do list. Put everything down, no matter how trivial. And reward yourself every time you check something off!

What turns you on? Do you love to write, paint, sew, draw or cook? Has Lockdown given you new passions like mindfulness or science? Whatever it is, structure your day and let your creative side take over. Go with the flow.

5. Learn a new skill

If the hours go by like sticky molasses, why not burn a few hours off learning a new skill? Have you ever thought of learning to play a musical instrument?

Assuming you have a musical instrument, here is a great website to learn 5 different music skills. If you don't have an instrument, maybe you can sing or become a beatboxer!

4. Improve your craft

Studying filmmaking doesn't have to be expensive. There are tons of new tutorials on Youtube.

My personal favorite is Studio Binder. You have a number of fantastic blog posts. Here's a look at Oscar winner Roger Deakins describing how he made the film in 1917:

3. Manage your social media

Don't waste this time! Spend an hour a day managing your social media. Even if you only spend 15 minutes a day, your social media should be sparkling with dozens of new followers by the end of the holiday season. Remember that after the holiday season and after the lockdown, you will be very busy. You can find many tools online to assist you and maximize your precious hours. You can use tools like Hootsuite to schedule social media posts in advance. We use that at Raindance.

Here is the simple social media guide for filmmakers:

  • Strive for quantity, not quality
  • Develop a style and tone of voice
  • Be yourself. Be honest. Let's get a feel for who you are.

If you are really unsure about your own social media and self-branding skills, fear not! Raindance has invited one of the best branding experts in Europe to give a series of 4 evening courses on self-branding and social media starting Thursday January 7th.

2. Join a community

I am assuming that you are a filmmaker or a screenwriter. And if so, why not join Raindance? Everything at Raindance starts with our members. There are over 2,000 filmmakers around the world. Raindance members form meaningful collaborations. They share ideas and encourage one another.

Did you know that Raindance has over 50 hours of online training? Everything from storyboarding, stop frame animation, screenwriting, and film funding. Members get all of this for free, and members can call me with any questions about the filmmaker! Get into the creative dance. Take part in Raindance!

1. Be creative

Creative expression is valuable. And important. With the current political and public health upheaval, your creativity is more important than ever. Creative expression is not only great for your personal mental health and wellbeing, but also for those around you.

That's how it works in my opinion.

I have worked with artists in many different media: writers, painters, dancers and sculptors. But the cinema is the most important medium. It's really important, not just because it combines so many different art forms. It's important because a great movie can affect and change the way people think and feel about the world and the plethora of social problems we face.

We live in difficult times. Much of the hatred in this world stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of how people in different cultures live, love, and work. If we don't understand, it is very easy to hate.

This is where your creativity is so crucial.

A good movie, a good visual story, can do one of two things. It can take you into a new world – a world you don't know about, and teach you how people in different nations and cultures live, love and work – and through your film you can teach us something of value that we can do better Makes people.

Or it can take us into a world we already know and show us new insights that we can use to become a better place.


As we crouch, close the shutters and retreat to our nests, my challenge for you is: be creative. I don't care if you use clay, letters, or pixels. All I know is that there is a lot of talent in the world of Raindance.

Please use the day. Banish negativity. Turn off the news. Express yourself. Tell us your stories. And remember: Raindance is here to help.

Ask me how Raindance Film School can help you achieve your creative ambitions:


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