How Film Has Influenced the Healthcare Industry
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Film is one of the most important tools for sharing our own experiences and understanding the experiences of others. People can find it very difficult to understand experiences outside of their own, and the film has played a huge role in breaking down divisions in humanity by allowing us to understand the experiences of others.

As a result, industry and society are gradually changing. One example of this is the healthcare industry.

Fight stigma

By depicting real people from stigmatized minorities, we can see humanity in the film where we might have seen fear or hatred before.

A good example of this is 2013 Dallas Buyers Club. There was and is a huge stigma about HIV and AIDS, largely based on the fact that people were afraid of infecting themselves with the disease. People with HIV were discriminated against and lost their homes, jobs and relationships.

By portraying people with HIV as real people with emotions and lives like the rest of us, the film has helped reduce the stigma and fear that comes with it, which in turn empowers people to learn about the disease learn and better equip yourself against it. People tend to pretend the things they are afraid of just don't exist, which is incredibly of little help in preventing the spread of disease.

The film also meant lobbyists were better able to do that Lobby for more public health fundingBecause the film made the issue a matter close to the public's heart, politicians were motivated to make the issue a priority.

Public Health Film Festival

Echoing the effect of Dallas Buyers ClubThe Oxford Public Health Film Society has one annual film competition since 2016where they encourage participants from around the world to submit films about health issues that are personal to them, with the hope that the people who watch the films will be made aware of public health issues.

With every movie that becomes a success, healthcare professionals are likely to experience an impact in their field of work, and people become more knowledgeable and aware that they are likely to ask more questions and seek treatments that they may not have had in the past.

This means the film can be used as an indicator of the types of treatments and issues healthcare providers are likely to see in their daily work. By employing specialized marketing firms, medical professionals can analyze film trends and make sure they are ready to provide the services the public is asking for. For more information on specialized health marketing, see

Humanization of health professionals

Not only did the film humanize stigmatized groups in society, it also reminded us all that doctors and other health professionals are human too. The fact that caring and overworked health professionals are featured in the film has helped bridge the gap between us and show us all that everyone is human and that everyone has an individual emotional life.

This is perhaps the movie's greatest power in helping us all see humanity within one another.

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