How Premiere Could be Great at Color — Prolost


An important task of dedicated color apps like Resolve is to manage color versions on a shot. If you don't think this is important, you've never rated a customer in the room. But it is just as useful for solo practitioners.

Premiere could do this in a general way by allowing versions of effects or effects for a clip. That way, this could be a great premiere feature, not just for color work.

Color is more than a color corrector

Note that, as promised, I never mentioned Lumetri once. Color work is much, much more than manipulating a color correction tool. I'm happy that Lumetri is there, and even happier when people are excited about color enough to move on to the Magic Bullet Suite, but the suggestions I've made here will help everyone with every workflow, whether you're Lumetri or Colorista use or anything else. One of the great advantages of Premiere is that third-party effects are first-class citizens. So it's my favorite place to use many of the tools I've designed.

Premiere has become a great editing tool and is on its way to becoming a great finishing tool – and I will continue to do everything I can to support this vision with plug-ins and presets. However, there are some things a plug-in simply cannot do. I'm ready for Premiere to be serious about color, and I think the filmmaking and editing community is too.


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