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From the publication:

Richmond-based animation and design studio Hue & Cry today announced that they have recruited Sara Barnthouse's DeVine Reps to take on their West Coast sales and agency roles. Under the direction of Executive Producer Scott Friske and Magnus Hierta, Executive Creative Director, the appointment strengthens Hue & Cry's presence in the animation and design industry in the western area based on its creative talents. DeVine Reps' partnership with the Hue & Cry team will build on the company's world-class reputation in the advertising and entertainment industries across the region.

"Sara and I have known each other for over 15 years as I had the pleasure of working with her very early in her career at Rock Paper Scissors," said Scott Friske, Executive Producer of Hue & Cry, of the Barnthouse signing. "Since then, I've followed her path to become one of the best sales representatives in the country. Her passion for the clients she represents, as well as the agencies and brands she works with, made her our studio on the Introduced the west coast market. "

Commenting on her appointment, Sara Barnthouse said, “Ultra-chic, fashionable, modern and vibrant were all words that came to mind when I saw the style of work that Hue & Cry delivered. When I saw Scott Friske's name as executive producer, I immediately felt that familiar sense of arrival. Scott improved my industry knowledge at Rock Paper Scissors over a decade ago, and we continued to catch up on each other's achievements across the industry. "

With a wealth of industry knowledge and deep relationships in entertainment and advertising, Barnthouse founded DeVine Reps after cutting her teeth and gaining manufacturing experience at companies like Paramount Pictures and Rock Paper Scissors before joining the Presenter. She worked briefly with Steven Monkarsh before opening her own shop and formed DeVine Reps to sign her first client, Editor Andrea McArthur's NYC editorial house Peep Show Post. From there, Independent Media, Brickyard, Noah Herzog von General Editorial, Jingle Punks, and Great Guns were other notable clients.

DeVine's current roster is home to a bevy of the hottest talent in the business, including Colin Tilley's new production company, Boy In The Castle, which was last on the radar for Cardi B's "WAP" video and J Balvin's McDonald's commercial. The female and minority-owned production house Cortez Brothers, including the Mexican directing duo The Flaminguettes, the identical twin brother comedy duo Dr. Twins from Thinking Machine, the bi-coastal music house MAS and the feature film and advertising editor Alexandro Rodriguez, known for his work on Alfonso Cuarón Y Tu Mamá También / Children of men make more of their team's customer list.

"DeVine Reps saw a growing demand for satisfying the animation genre on our list and waited patiently for the right fit. With Hue & Cry we did it," explains Barnthouse. “The style of work, the pedigree of the players, and the efficiency of Scott's efforts give our sales style a solid backbone. I look forward to strengthening the brand and making it VIP among agencies and brands. "

“Sara's energy and dedication directly reflects the company we have built and we are confident that she and her team will position Hue & Cry as a viable option for design / animation projects with the West Coast's most talented creatives. We are very proud to be part of their consummate squad, ”added Friske.

The addition of DeVine Reps rounds off Hue & Cry's dynamic nationwide sales team that includes Mo Butler Reps for the Midwest and Anna Rotholz Management for the East Coast.


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