Imaginary Forces Crafts Layered Montage for ‘Jack Ryan’ Season 2 Title Sequence
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Imaginary Forces Design Studio just shared her work with AWN on the opening title sequence of the Prime Video series, Jack Ryan Season 2. The multi-layered, montage-like work is anchored by two related but different storyboard concepts, which then merge into the last piece. One called "Duality" contains split-screen images. The second is called "pattern recognition," as if a supercomputer were pulling all of Jack's data and trying to make sense of it.

"The title has many different levels because Jack Ryan is a complex personality," said Karin Fong, founding member, director, and designer of the Imaginary Forces Emmy Award. "We combined photography, footage, 2D and 3D elements to create a composite portrait of the man." Fong has led numerous projects in the fields of film, television, games and advertising and has found inspiration in everything from surrealism to to pop culture. Her work expresses the love for convincing storytelling, strong concepts and impressive images. So Jack Ryan's title sequence was exactly in her artistic wheelhouse.

Jack Ryan Season 2 Title Sequence:

Fong relied on metaphor and symbol to represent Jack Ryan's many often opposing facets. For example, an ordinary ceiling fan turns into the rotors of a helicopter. Benign becomes scary in a second. One of the more complicated recordings – a ship becomes the medal of its naval uniform – also combines analog and digital technology. In this case, the footage of a real ship is combined with CG elements.

The biggest creative challenge was to illustrate the variety of Jack's background and personality in one sequence. Fong emphasized the duality of his character and personal history: on the one hand, he is a civilian who has lived, graduated and lived in the Wall Street area of ​​Wall Street; On the other hand, he's a reluctant hero and military CIA man who has a tragic history from his past as a navy. The goal was to synthesize all of these parts that define the man together.

Speical Inside the Title Sequence Breakdown:

Almost a Rauschenberg-like collage of mixed media, Fong describes her approach as a hybrid filmmaking that combines typography, animation, graphic design, live action and various styles and treatments into a seamless whole. According to the director, it was important to the show's creators that everything in the real world feel grounded. They wanted all of the different aspects to come together in a way that is visually new but also feels very real.

Source: Imaginary Forces Design Studio


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