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Adobe has integrated Generative AI and Adobe Firefly into Photoshop, so creatives can work at the speed of their imagination.  Adobe also added a few workflow improvements to the Photoshop Desktop App as well.

“Nearly three and a half decades since we first brought Photoshop to the world, we’re writing a new chapter in our history with the integration of Generative AI and Adobe Firefly into Photoshop. Today we deliver an incredible new capability into creators’ hands that empowers them to work at the speed of their imagination while fundamentally transforming the experience into something more natural, intuitive and powerful.

At the same time, we are also shipping upgrades to some of Photoshop’s most popular workflows, including adjusting the look of an image, removing and replacing content and increasing UI navigation speed.”

Read more about Photoshop with Firefly Generative AI


What is new in Photoshop 2023 (v24.5)

Photoshop (Beta) App

Generative Fill
Get delighted in seconds with Generative Fill — a magical new tool that enables you to add, extend, or remove content from your images with simple text prompts.

Generative Fill is a magical new tool grounded in your innate creativity, enabling you to add, extend, or remove content from your images non-destructively, using simple text prompts to achieve realistic results that will surprise, delight, and astound you—in seconds.

To install Photoshop beta on your desktop, visit the Beta apps tab of your Creative Cloud desktop app and select Install next to Photoshop (Beta).

To work with Generative Fill, begin with making a selection with any of the selection tools in Photoshop around a desired object or an area in your image.
Then do any of the following:

  • Select the Generative Fill button in the contextual task bar that appears.
  • Select Edit > Generative Fill from the application bar.
  • Ctrl/ Right+click within the selection and choose Generative Fill from the menu.


Photoshop Desktop App

photoshop adjustments 24.5 adjustmentsAdd drama to your images with Adjustment Presets

Preview and change the appearance of your images with Adjustment Presets. Continue to refine your adjustments in the Layers panel.


photoshop 24.5 remove toolRemove distractions with Remove Tool

Retouch and remove unwanted areas in your image using the Remove Tool in Photoshop.

photoshop contextual task barFind relevant next steps with the Contextual Task Bar

Find the right tool at the right time on your canvas with the Contextual Task Bar.

photoshop update 24.5 gradientsImproved Gradients

Quickly adjust Gradients in your images with the new on-canvas controls and a live preview that gets created automatically.


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