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Meet the Substance team at the SIGGRAPH 2020 Virtual Exhibition on August 24th and 25th. The Substance by Adobe team will host a virtual booth, live presentation, and on-demand presentation.


SIGGRAPH is one of the world's largest conferences for professionals in computer graphics and interactive techniques – including researchers, artists, technologists and practitioners.

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Substance at SIGGRAPH

Visit the Substance booth and meet the Substance team! They will also present two sessions:

  • On Demand Exhibitor Session – Adobe 3D & Immersive: R&D Highlights 2020
    Davide Pesare, Head of Laboratories and Films Specialist, 3D & Immersive, Research & Labs, Adobe
    Adobe's 3D teams are working on a number of exciting new projects. From research to prototypes, discover some highlights we'd like to share. Davide presents some of the technologies we are working on.
  • Birth of a spring session – MaterialX: An open standard for network-based CG object looks
    David Larsson, Senior Software Engineer, Special Projects, 3D & Immersive, Adobe
    David will discuss the latest developments in MaterialX, an open standard for describing and transferring shading, bulky material and Lookdev content between DCC tools and renderers.

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Substance Suite Pro

Inspirational, intelligent tools and content for creating and applying materials for 3D. The Substance Suite gives you the complete toolset that is always up to date with the latest features and content.

  • Paint in 3D in Substance Painter.
  • Create material libraries for 3D in Substance Alchemist.
  • Design materials with precision in Substance Designer.
  • Download high-end materials from Substance Source.

Substance format works with many tools in your 3D creation workflow.

Our team develops and maintains integrations with all important 3D apps. The substance format is an industry standard that can be read and used in any 3D tool.

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Substance sourceSubstance source

Substance Source is an ever-growing content library where you can find physically based, high resolution, and tunable elements for texturing. From fully procedural materials to physically based scans and hand-painted materials, Substance Source is the place to find assets suitable for any type of 3D project. Download materials every month using the Substance Live Monthly Payment Plan or purchase one-time access to Substance Source (including 12 month updates).

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