Global distance field sample in Custom node problems
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Hey yunus, thanks for your answer!

This is a very good suggestion, I hadn't thought of trying.
Unfortunately that doesn't work either.

First of all, the link you sent is for Texture3D :: SampleLevel and not Texture3DSampleLevel.
In other words, the function shouldn't be
Texture3DSampleLevel (GlobalDistanceFieldTexture0, (float instead of the sampler), GlobalUV, 0) .x;
GlobalDistanceFieldTexture0.SampleLevel (SharedGlobalDistanceFieldSampler0, GlobalUV, 0) .x;
Small problem mostly just for people who come here from google looking for a similar problem
GlobalDistanceFieldTexture0 is my Textur3D object here.

I think Texture3DSampleLevel (Texture3D, samplerState, float, float (, int)) may be an unreal function to package the function you are showing.

This code is compiled, but the same problem persists.

I tried a few other things while I was at it.
This code is generated when using the DistanceToNearestSurface node.

So with the custom node, this would be replaced with my custom expression

Where I call the same function

I did this through a code comparison tool and the lines shown are the only differences between the two
Shader. Apart from that, the two shaders are identical.

Still, the problem remains



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