Interview with Angelo Palazzo Using Krotos in Stranger Things & Frozen 2
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Multi-award winning sound designer Angelo Palazzo talks about how he used Kroto's Reformer Pro and Dehumaniser 2 in Stranger Things 3 and Frozen II. Also save 40% on Kroto's Audio Reformer Pro until September 4th, 2020. Scroll down for more information.

About working on strange things 3:

With so many new locations coming up this season, I had the chance to really explore some new backgrounds and sounds. For me it was great. It was an opportunity to record new sounds and create very focused and custom soundtracks. I was constantly looking for opportunities to record. Even small, random things like those in the Byers house, like all the doors, the falling magnets, the microwave, the refrigerator, and everything else I can think of, come from home.

My electric garage door was included to add Mr. Garcia's garage door as it is creaky and nervous and added to the comedy of the scene when Winona Ryder (Joyce) visits him. Los Angeles was hit by some heavy rainy days last November, so I built a new rain library that landed on the show, particularly on Ep 03 "The Missing Lifeguard Case," which mostly takes place during a flood of rain.

Learn how to create Gale's voice for Frozen 2:

Yes. When I was designing Gale, I had to create different expressions for her. For example, when we meet her for the first time, she is very playful and flutters and teases and plays with Olaf. Later she gets super angry and transforms into this angry storm wind tornado. Each of these expressions, of course, needed organic natural elements like leaves and winds, but more importantly, they needed "vocal" expressions that matched her movements so that we could identify her voice and what she "says" or "feels" could. I experimented with different recipes for plugins to get what I wanted, and Reformer Pro was instrumental in creating unique combinations of wind, leaves, and other fluttering, expressive tonalities and "vocal elements".

In the end I created Gale's voice in a way that portrays it as very ethereal and expressive, but it's actually not a voice and yet it's very recognizable that it's her character and expressions. Then I created their movements to be organic with wind and leaves and rustle and so on, but their actual "voice" was not wind at all. I experimented with my voice and women's voices first, but none of it worked.

After all, what I designed was surprisingly unique and delicate. It was something I experimented with early on that caught Jennifer Lee's attention so I knew I was up to something and was going in the right direction. By the end I had a full "vocabulary" for Gale, and she loved and was very happy. She always wanted to know how I created Gale's "voice" and expressions, but I playfully told her when I couldn't tell her because it would lift the veil of "movie magic" and possibly ruin her movie experience.

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