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Come to my workshop

Greenscreen Beta is an opportunity to get involved in my creative process. I'm always creating tools for photography, filmmaking, and storytelling, and I wish I could share my work in progress with a small group of interested people. You can reply to these emails and share your feedback with me directly. I look forward to bug reports, feature ideas, suggestions for new products or other feedback. As a member you have special access to my proclamation and my implementation.

What's up in Greenscreen Beta?

Oh, is that a FAQ now? Okay, here's what's lined up:

Does every email contain a file?

No, some will be more like a newsletter, with links or images related to things I'm working on.

Why charge a fee for this? Aren't "public betas" usually free?

I love having a mix of free and paid items in the Greenscreen store. By charging a minimum amount for Greenscreen Beta, I hope to limit subscribers to people who see value in the idea and want to get involved. Basically I try to sort out the tourists.

I heard you're the chief creative officer of Maxon / Red Giant. Will Greenscreen Beta give you a little glimpse into what you're working on there?

Not directly, no.

Is that like a Patreon?

Yes and no. I love Patreon and I support several creators there. But I am not asking you to "support" me. I'm lucky enough to do a great job and do what I love. It is your participation that I appreciate in this arrangement.

That's not for me.

Then this is not for you.

How does it actually work?

Greenscreen Beta is operated by Gumroad. They take care of payment processing, so I never see your financial information, just your name and email address. The emails you receive are like a newsletter, but with a file or a download link attached.

When you join, you'll get the latest email and file instantly, and access to a library of previous posts in your Gumroad library that requires a free Gumroad account to be created.

The subscription price is blocked for your account at the time you register. So if I ever raise the price, you'll keep paying the same amount.

How do I sign up?

Exactly here.


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