Introduction to Flame, Part 1 – fxphd
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Flame has a reputation as a mystery box. While it is widely used in advertising and advertising for everything from editing, vfx, grading to completion, it has the perception of having a steep learning curve.

This course is taught by Christoph Zapletal and aims to demystify Flame and create a solid foundation in all the different areas in which Flame can be used. Starting with media management and editing, you quickly dive into the rabbit hole of knot-based compositing and use many tools that only Flame offers.

With a balance between technical background and practical work, this course will familiarize you with tools within flames that may seem overwhelming at first glance. However, if you do it step by step, you will soon master this great tool. Flame for Mac OS is available in Greenscreen VPN so you can follow the course.

For details on the course, see the course information page.

Zapletal is a freelance flame and nuke artist and has been in the industry for just over twenty years. One of his specialties is beauty work and retouching. He is also a lecturer at the SAE Institute and regularly writes articles for Digital Production Magazine.


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