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New course: artistic basics, part 2

Site News | September 9, 2019

This course, which is taught by Ludovic Iochem, is the second part of our series and is intended for anyone who wants to improve their skills in creating beautiful pictures and find out what makes this picture beautiful. While visual effects are a very technical industry, it is important to be able to create compelling and beautiful images. In this course, key concepts such as composition, lighting, perspective, color harmony and more are examined using paintings, photographs and other images. Further information on the individual classes can be found on the course information page.

Iochem, who has worked as a digital matte painter and environmental artist for more than 13 years, had recently noticed that VFX artists were becoming more technical, but were less and less aware of the basic rules of composition or color harmony. He has worked to improve this situation by training and educating artists and has been very successful in improving their basic artistic knowledge.

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