iToo Software releases Forest Pack 7.0 for 3ds Max in beta
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iToo Software releases Forest Pack 7.0 for 3ds Max in beta

Thursday, November 19, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

iToo Software has released the first public beta of Forest Pack 7.0, the next version of its diffusion plug-in for 3ds Max, which can be used to diffuse both light and geometry.

The update also adds new color correction features, support for the Chaos Group's Lavina project, and the option to export scenes for use in the Unity game engine.

The ultimate scatter tool for 3ds Max
Forest Pack is described by iToo as "the ultimate scattering tool for 3ds Max" and was developed to distribute objects over a scene: as the name suggests, usually plant models, but also stones or buildings.

The plugin can generate scenes with hundreds of thousands of objects scattered around, with a point cloud display mode to improve the response in the viewport and the option to convert Forest Pack objects to the native instances of Max.

The scattering process is completely parametric and the object distribution can also be controlled directly on the terrain geometry using image maps, splines or painting.

Forest Pack can scatter both static and animated objects, whereby both texture maps and the time offset of animation cycles can be arranged randomly or controlled via picture maps.

New in version 7.0: scatt4er lights up your entire scene as if they were geometry
In addition, Forest Pack 7.0 offers the option of scattering non-geometric objects such as splines or lights. The latter are shown spectacularly in the demo video above.

Corona Renderer and OctaneRender users can use all of Forest Pack's standard scatter options. In Arnold and V-Ray the light distribution according to picture 0 can no longer be animated or changed.

New color correction options and support for Project Lavina and Unity
Other new features include global color correction. Users can now adjust hue shift, saturation, and lightness for all Forest Color textures in a scene.

Users can now also export scenes using Forest Pack to the Unity game engine via an experimental new plugin: the download link is in the release notes and is available from the link at the bottom of the story.

Forest Pack scenes are now also supported in Project Lavina, the Chaos Group's new real-time tool for exploring large V-Ray scenes.

Updates to related asset libraries
The library browser has also been rewritten to make it easier to develop new features in the future. However, in version 7.0 the search functionality is improved, including the option to use Boolean queries.

IToo says the final version will be accompanied by new asset libraries, including one with 40 tree stumps scanned with photos and one with 89 new presets for generating 3D hedges.

There are also a number of workflow improvements and bug fixes: a full list can be found via the link below.

Prices and availability
Forest Pack 7.0 is available in beta. The current stable version Forest Pack 6.3 is available for 3ds Max 2012+. A list of compatible render engines can be found here.

New licenses start at € 220 (including $ 260), including one-year support. There is also a free lite edition. It is functionally limited but can be used for commercial projects.

Read an overview of the new features in Forest Pack 7.0 on the iToo Software blog

For more information on Forest Pack, see the product website
(The download link for the Lite Edition is at the bottom of the page.)

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