John Boyega Calls Out Disney for Pushing Aside Characters of Color
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His voice will be heard; John Boyega talks about the racial abuse he faced after portraying Finn in the Star Wars sequels. While he may have been treated well on set, the actor endured tremendous criticism and virtual bullying because of his race. Boyega has since spoken about the lack of Disney support during this time. He claims the online backlash has been so severe that he now has no plans ever to repeat his role and is more focused on expanding his acting repertoire. Boyega talks about parts that he would like to adopt in the future: “At this moment, versatility is the greatest thing for me. There are so many people that I would really like to explore the versatility (with), different roles and different characters. This is what i do Enjoying what I do to stay in one place can be difficult at times. "

Boyega also believes that his and Kelly Marie Trans characters had less screen time due to their respective races. In one current interview with GQBoyega gave the media giant some advice, stating, “What I would tell Disney is not to bring out a black character, market them so that they are far more important than them in the franchise, and then brush them aside. It is not good. I will say it right away. You knew what to do with these other people, but when it came to Kelly Marie Tran, when it came to John Boyega, you know you all fuck. "

The actor is clearly not afraid to speak up and use his celebrity to advocate for the rights of actors who may not be granted such a voice. This fearlessness is crucial in the struggle to make the film industry more diverse, more integrated, and most importantly, safer for non-white artists. We are here to support him on his journey.

Watch Boyega as Leroy Logan in the new mini-series Small Ax on Prime Video.

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