Kraken Pro automatically sorts your messy 3D model library
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Kraken Pro automatically sorts your messy 3D model library

Thursday, March 26, 2020 | Written by Jim Thacker

TurboSquid launched Kraken Pro, an interesting new cloud-based service for organizing the studios' internal 3D model libraries that automatically generates tags, metadata and thumbnails.

The AI-controlled system is based on the technology with which TurboSquid sorts models on its own online marketplace.

The AI-controlled system automatically sorts and renders thumbnails for 3ds Max and Maya assets
Although Kraken was originally launched as a business service last year, Kraken Pro is aimed at somewhat smaller studios: subscriptions provide access for up to 50 users.

Companies either upload their internal model collections to the cloud or make them available on hard drives. Kraken's AI-based sorting tool generates tags, metadata, and renders thumbnails.

The system currently supports 3ds Max and Maya as well as popular third-party render engines, including Arnold, Corona Renderer and V-Ray. Support for Cinema 4D is planned.

In addition to marking models by format, the system generates tags based on content – the demo image shows models of vehicles that are categorized by type – and whether an asset is manipulated or animated.

The generated metadata includes the number of polygons, the number of materials and the dimensions of the model.

Artists in the studio can then search for models in the cloud or group them into custom collections and share download links both internally and with external collaborators.

A “magic” solution for sorting large amounts of 3D models created in Arch Viz and VFX studios?
According to TurboSquid, the AI ​​system that powers the octopus sorting tool was trained with a "large amount of content" from its own online marketplace with 800,000 models.

The company "continuously retrains the system as we process more 3D customer libraries."

It uses "any available source from a model" to generate tags, including "image recognition, texture names, object names, material, layers and file names".

TurboSquid informed us that the output requires little manual cleanup: thumbnails “look good and are clear in almost all cases”, although the employees “do a categorization curation” before delivery.

Users can also edit tags for miscategorized content that they discover.

"Our 3D artists don't have time to worry about being librarians. They need to find content quickly," said Carlos Cristerna, director of architecture visualization agency Neoscape.

"We handed over (TurboSquid) terabytes of models and they magically marked, organized and categorized with metadata and clean thumbnails."

Pricing and availability
Kraken Pro is a subscription service. Pricing starts at $ 599 / month for 10,000 models and 50 users.

More information about Kraken Pro can be found on the product website

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