How to create a realistic vfx webinar for Creature Animation
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VFX is one of the constantly evolving segments of the media and entertainment industry. Over the years, we had made steady advances in tools and techniques for 3D animation and visual effects. With state-of-the-art technologies for rendering GPUs, advanced software and third-party plugins, seamless integration of various tools and powerful programming languages; We have broken new ground in realistic character animation.

We had seen a long trip from Stop Motion Animation Puppetry super smooth animatronics. Animatronics played an important role in Jurassic Park (1993). This film set the standard for the animation of creatures on the set. Fast forward to 2020, we saw a huge leap in animation technology. From stop motion to motion capture – and now in the age of specialized "Creature Animation Performance". Earlier techniques gave their own character output, there was little or no interaction with live-action actors. Thanks to motion capturing and other advanced animation techniques, we are now seeing many interesting interactions. It helps the director convey his story better.

A list of the best animation and VFX Hollywood films that excelled in the performance of creature animations is:

  • King Kong (2005)
  • Planet of the Apes series
  • Pacific Rim
  • Avatar
  • Godzilla series
  • Zootopia
  • Kong: Skull Island
  • Life of Pi: shipwreck with tiger
  • Kung Fu Panda series
  • The Jungle Book (2016)
  • Dumbo
  • Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • The Lion King 3D

Learn all about this and beyond in the latest enhanced VFX webinar. This online training will demystify many false theories and shed light on the actual techniques used by various international post-production studios. The full details of this exclusive Creature / VFX Animators webinar are as follows.

Title: Majestic beasts! The art of VFX / animation in film & television

Webinar moderator: Frank Cordero

Session experts (Creature / VFX animators):

  1. Lukas Niklaus: Chief Animator (Weta Digital, ILM, Animal Logic, Framestore, MPC)
  2. Fernando Herrera: animation supervisor (frame store)


  • The development of animation art, which branches out into two main areas: CG cartoons and VFX
  • The differences between cartoon and realistic animation
  • Case studies from recent projects like "His Dark Materials" or "Peter Rabbit 2"
  • The spectrum of creature animation from "King Kong" to "Lady and the Tramp"
  • The underrated championship of some of the best animators in the world

Date: May 29, Friday, 2020

Time: 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time – United States and Canada (change the time zone on the registration page to your country.)

Link to register for the webinar:

Learn advanced VFX from the masters in this COVID-19 situation and help yourself make better use of your time.


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